The Body Shop Matte lip liquid in Mauritius Dahlia 017 review

So here it finally is… I have no luck whatsoever with “liquid” lipsticks of any kind (I’ve also so far refused to spend much on them, which might be a wise decision). I’ve already given away everything I’ve tried. This will also go. I REALLY wanted to like it. I tried many times.

In short

As a liquid lipstick, it takes more than an hour to truly set. Depending on how much you mess with your lips, this is too long to avoid a disaster before it sets. Before that, it is water soluble, and particularly saliva soluble. After setting, it resists better but is still prone to fading due to saliva. It is not oil resistant either.

This shade, while beautiful and flattering, is also patchy. On the bright side, the texture is relatively comfortable (no comparison with a nice oil-based lipstick, though), and it can be layered once dry, or actually when still wet.

Veredict is: not for me at all.

So the long of it…

I’m a lip licker, smacker and biter. Many formulas of regular lipstick can stand this in a dignified manner. No liquid I have tried does, I get a rather large bare ring on the inside of the lips, with a bright outer ring, which is disgraceful. My lips are also extremely dry and liquid lipsticks feel like they are sucking the life out of me. TBS’s Matte lip liquid formula is relatively velvety and comfortable in comparison, but make no mistake, it is still dry.

TBS Matte lip liquid in Mauritius Dahlia 017

So this one really takes well over an hour to truly set. I could only find this out on hand swatches because the lips are not a good place to test this out, I think. At least my lips are not.

Before it sets: it easily wipes off the top edges when I blow my nose. It is not water/saliva resistant, which an oil-based product (most lipsticks) is. It transfers like crazy, you leave a layer of it on the glass when you drink, it disappears from your lips and transfers to the glass, which also doesn’t happen with a regular lipstick, of which you still keep at least a thin layer on your lips. It is not oil resistant either, a meal is an unmitigated disaster (this even when set, but we’d let that pass because nothing resists oil).

The colour (very beautiful) is dark enough that all the problems I mentioned make it really obvious. I really don’t see the point of a more nude liquid lip product either, since bleeding is not obvious with a more nude shade, I’d then rather stick with a lipstick, which is more comfortable, thank you very much.

Also, this one goes on really patchy. You have to try and apply very, very thin layers. That’d be fine if the performance in general was good, which I don’t think it is.

It may work for you and you might love it if you are not such a fussy person as I am. Me, I am glad I only got one shade to try. Even if other colours apply more even, that is not enough for me with all the other inconveniences. And I have zero interest in nude shades for the reasons mentioned.


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