Kryolan concealer circle

I have a Kryolan concealer circle that I bought in Barcelona, at the theatrical makeup store Gòtic. I really like it and use it nearly every time I do my makeup. As I was informed in the store (and I’ve heard mentioned several times online as well) the product in these concealer circles is actually Kryolan’s Supracolor, which is available in different formats and pans that you can put in palettes as well. The wheel itself has a ton of product at a whopping 30 grams. I make sure to close it well so it will not dry out.

Now as Kryolan states in their website, “availability of shown colors may vary among countries”. I have only seen this combination of colours available in Spain. The name on my circle is “Lovel“, which is the name of another theatrical makeup store, this time in Madrid.

It took some digging, but finally I found out exactly which Supracolor shades the circle is made of. The same than on this Supracolor x6 palette available in the Spanish site, ESP 1:


Now I wanted to post about this because I think it is a great selection for fair to medium skintones, although it may need more work (mixing) for the medium end of the spectrum. Here a swatch of the shades on my NC10 skintone, these are swatched with fingers:


So straight from the palette there are two very fair shades (406 very pale neutral and 1 W pale rosy) which I suppose can also be used for highlight, a more middle shade FS 61 which has a warm undertone, and rather neutral, deep AL which could be used for contour. Since this is a product aimed to professionals, I suppose the point is to mix the perfect shade yourself.

Two excellent correcting shades

But the most remarkable shades in this palette are actually 576 L and FS 64. The first is a salmon shade. It is the best I have found to correct cooler toned undereye circles. The second is a very strange greenish tan shade. This is by far the very best I have found to conceal redness. Minty or really green shades do not work nearly as well!! This one alone or mixed with some of the other shades does an absolutely terrific job, and I used it lots when I was still suffering with red discolorations from my eccema.

I cannot recommend these two Supracolor shades enough!


This is a very dense, pigmented and creamy product that has to be worked into the skin in very thin layers. I find that scooping a little amount with a spatula (I don’t like to stick my fingers in cream products) and warming it up with the fingers works best, otherwise the product is too stiff and can get cakey. Once warmed up I use fingers, brush to blend or even a damp sponge. I lightly set it with powder, but that may depend on the skintype.

It is an oil based product (mineral oil and paraffin are the first ingredients, which are listed on the website) so it is important to thoroughly remove it from the skin at the end of the day, I use a lotion and/or oil remover before my usual micellar water.

I have on occasion also used this wheel as a foundation. It can be mixed to match (I like to do it on the back of my hand to warm it up), and applied sheered out with a damp sponge, or built up to the heaviest coverage if desired. Once set with powder it is really long-wearing.


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