All my foundations



As promised, there they are! all 11 of them*! how decadent!

*Hm, 10 + my shade adjusting drops 😉

Thing is, we keep on complaining, but I’ve never seen such variety of light shades (more or less) readily available before. Most of these are very affordable. I just can’t bring myself to spend a huge amount of money on high end brands, for what in reality is a ridiculously small amount of product -even drugstore brands are making a big profit here!, you’re truly paying for the brand, and that’s just not me.


I really cannot complain because all of these fit me (around NC10, but can vary throughout the year) pretty well as you can see. I’m very neutral, not very yellow, most definitely not pink. I guess that’s a very pale olive for you.

Truth be told, the Etude House is too yellow, and it is quite obvious when on – I never use it… The YR Light is too pink but you can’t tell since it is so sheer – also almost never use it anymore, although it worked great when I had lots of skin problems due to eccema. Skin79 orange has enough coverage to look too dark on me in winter, this past summer it was perfect. And well, to be completely honest with myself, the lightest available Mehron, LT1, is too light for me. I am not the palest person. That one is truly for the palest of people! it is barely darker than the shade adjusting drops… Skin79 green is the ashiest, most neutral foundation I have, I could most certainly not use it last summer because I caught some sun and it does have at least a medium coverage.

All the other foundations, Mehron LT3, Maybelline Fit me matte+poreless 110,  L’Oreal true match 1.5.N, Bourjois Healty Mix 51 and Healthy Mix serum 52, are a really great match. The HMS 52 looks a bit dark swatched, but it is so sheer it looks fine on the face.

And then there’s The Body Shop’s shade adjusting drops which are just fantastic! I haven’t noticed them changing the formula of my foundations, at least for the small amounts I use, a few drops maximum.

Now texture wise… all is not equal. Short reviews!

The Skin79 foundations feel heavy. They have SPF 50+… and I think that is why. I must set them well. I use them when I want SPF, which honestly, outside of summer, I don’t care about. It is SUPER dark up here in winter, and it’s also good to get a little Vit D. And to not stress about things. I am almost 40 and I have 5 freckles on my face. YMMV.

The Etude House I don’t really like the texture of. It feels… slimy, and it doesn’t stay on my face, even set, it transfers. Again, SPF, 30 this time. But the hue is also too yellow so I never reach for it… least favourite. Don’t like, actually.

I am grateful to the Yves Rocher BB cream, since it was all I could wear for a long while when my face was a huge mess. It is very, very sheer but it evens out a bit, and it is ok to wear when basically not wearing makeup. I even still have a backup. I have not tried the new version which has SPF though.
Now that my eyelids are fine, I wear tons of eyeshadow and I want a more perfect canvas than this one can offer.

I still love Mehron‘s HD foundation, but I rarely wear it. It is more work, and I have to set it perfectly, so I wear it when I want to put the extra effort.

And lastly my recent drugstore discoveries! these are all great, honestly. My favourite texture is Bourjois Healthy Mix. If I wear it alone, at this time of the year a couple or three of the TBS drops are best to lighten the shade a tad. I also like to lightly set on the T-zone, not really necessary but I am not into dewiness.
I often mix it with other foundations and my Kryolan correcting wheel. It improves the texture of everything! I’m new to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum so I can’t say yet…

My best match of all is Maybelline Fit Me! matte + poreless 100 porcelain. Really fits me! I haven’t had issues with the texture (I have dry skin, but I stay on top of my skincare routine). But the texture still improves for me when I add some Bourjois Healthy Mix, yep. No actual need to set.

L’Oreal true match 1.5.N is also a very, very good match indeed. However it is the most uncomfortable of these three for me, and can cling to drier patches. I see it is simply not suited to my skin type, but I really like how lightweight it feels upon application and the shade match. But then… mixed with some Bourjois Healthy Mix it feels fantastic. Like REALLY GREAT. Try it. I am not the only one to think so. (< note, older formulation of the true match). Also no need to set this one!

I see I left the best for last 😀


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