Colourpop (AKA well, FUCK YOU TOO, Belgian customs)

After carefully planning my first Colourpop order so as not to surpass the 22€ value limit over which customs charges in this country (value of my order was about 18€ after currency conversion), I had my package stopped, retained 11 days, and charged 25€ for their trouble (15 full € for, literally “formalities”, 11 days rent, I suppose…). Turns out the shipping cost is also part of the value of your shipment… well FUCK YOU TOO.

If you’re in the same situation, use this calculator to see how much they are going to extort you:

Allright, let’s breathe…

I swatched quickly:

I was still so angry I wiped off the lipstick twice before realising I had not taken a picture yet, haha.

I already know I LOVE Paradox, it is deep red and very pigmented, you can build up to maroon. LBB looks great in the vein of Rebel and KVD’s Bauhau5. Supermodel and Mixed Tape look really really promising. Erotic is a bit underwhelming, bright, not very pigmented matte tomato red with a smattering of sparkles, it may work well as a base but alone looks like it is missing something. The texture of these shadows is very creamy and like nothing I have ever tried before. They blend effortlessly (as far as I see swatching on the hand with fingers) and after a moment they set and don’t budge. Well… Erotic’s sparkles definitely budge and disappear… So I am so far pleased with the quality, but… needless to say I will not repeat the experience unless they get a distributor within the EU…



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