NYX review: matte, round and full throttle

So… well this has been a long time in the making. I got these ages ago:

All lipsticks quickly swatched on lips. (Bare), Circe, Butter, Street Cred, Eden, Sandman, Dark Era, Aria, Up the bass, Haze.

Truth is I haven’t been wearing bold lips as much as I’d want to. In summer when it is very hot I don’t feel like it because of the melty weather. Plus I had allergies. In winter, I am one of those people with a drippy nose. Blowing your nose all the fucking time is not conductive to bright lipstick.
Additionally, I have spent all winter pregnant, with the associated lowered defences, and this meant being ill constantly the entire winter. Quite badly, caught every single virus, sometimes multiples at the same time. Very ick.

That said, I’ve worn Circe and Butter, the nude hues, a lot ;P and I love them.
I haven’t worn Street CredDark Era and Up the Bass at all.
I’ve worn Eden, Sandman and Aria a few times and I really like them them.
Haze is challenging to wear. These types of colours often are.


Matte Lipsticks: These glide on nicely. Lipstick formulas in general are only getting better, I think. When applied, the matte NYX have a similar smooth feeling to the Rimmel Lasting Finish matte, but is a little more matt and less slippery. They don’t feel as luxurious on the lips as a Chanel Rouge Allure, that non-drying, velvet like formula, and unlike that one, they do set a little bit and consequently feel drier than upon application. But it really helps application when they glide on, and I think for the price this a a truly great formula.

Round Lipstick: This is a more traditional lipstick feel. A little greasier.  I actually love this texture, but I know it would be a total disaster on my bleed prone lips if I would get bright or dark shades, so I won’t. Super happy with Circe though.

Full Throttle Lipstick: This one is very, very matte. Let me try to explain… it glides on in a similar way to the Matte Lipsticks, but after a short while it truly dries and sets, almost like a liquid lipstick. You don’t have a whole lot of play time. The texture once dried reminds me of MAC’s Ruby Woo: as matte as it gets.


The package of the Matte lipsticks feels particularly cheap, I’m not one to be snobby about this, and the outer texture of the package has a nice soft matte touch, but it is very flimsy. As long as it doesn’t break I’m fine with it.
All the tubes are black, and the labelling is very confusing. Tiny names on one end and numbers on both ends, which makes difficult to find the shade you want if you store them standing up (as I do). You can sort of see the shade on the transparent band in the middle, but who stores their lipsticks flat? In this regard the packaging of the Full Throttle and the Round lipsticks, with a representation of the shade on one end, are better thought of, I think. Although useful, I don’t particularly like the looks of completely colour coordinated packaging (too many colours lying around the vanity!) but I do appreciate when a simple detail like this makes easy work of finding the right shade.
The Full Throttle and Round lipstick packaging also feels cheap and a bit flimsy, but not to the same extent, and as I mentioned I really like the clear end with the shade represented on both.


All: If there is a scent, it is so faint that in my current allergy-riddled state* I do not detect it. Bonus!
*At the time of writing this one sentence. Stuffy nosed state at all other times 😀


Matte Lipsticks: The wear is very good. These set a little bit, as mentioned they do not feel like mattes upon application, but set to a regular matte lipstick, and wear (off) in a similar way to a matte MAC lipstick. A greasy meal is of course the nemesis of any and all lipsticks, but the wear on these is up with the best of them in a matte lipstick.

Round Lipstick: Like a regular cream lipstick: not very good. Transfers, fades as you drink, etc. I’m fine with it, particularly for a light colour like I chose, it feels very creamy and hydrating on the lips. So thumbs up for nude shades.

Full Throttle Lipstick: Once it sets, it is not particularly comfortable. But it stays on very, very well, and I prefer this to any actual liquid lipstick I have tried so far. It is good in certain circumstances, I suppose, but generally I prefer to touch up and have more comfort. Or even use a coat of Lipcote around the edges of basically any lipstick and only touch up the center. I’m glad I got one of these but I doubt I’ll get any others. The shade selection so far is also limited and doesn’t tempt me at all.


Unusually for me I bought 9 tubes sight unseen (these are not available locally*) of three lipstick formulas I had never tried before. It turned out to be a quite diverse group, with only two reds which is surprising 😉 I do like all the shades, with the exception of Street Cred.  As mentioned in my previous post, I’m not sure what got into me. May give it away.

Circe is a very pale, peachy nude, but not unflatteringly so on my skintone. It basically is my skin tone, which somehow makes it work, a first for me in such a light shade. My first truly nude lipstick that I can wear. Living dead but in a nice way! I’m glad this one is not matte though. If you look very close it gets a bit patchy towards the centre of the lips, but it’s all right for the formula. I often combine it with a little Butter to the centre of the lips, I love this combination so much I wear it at least once a week.

I was wondering if Butter would come across as grey on the lips as I saw in some swatches, and it does. I am afraid it does not in my own swatch, but in person it certainly does. This is a bit of a corpse shade, which is what I was looking for. I feel I have to conceal the pinkiness on the edges of the lips or the corpse effect is kind of lost 😉

Street Cred is pink clown barf pastel neon, with a salmon hue to it. I was hoping for more vibrancy but it has lots of white and I am not sure I’m up to it. Some people are afraid of red lipstick: I am afraid of this.

Eden is, indeed, paradise. This shade is SO gorgeous. The vibrancy is super intense and I am not sure it comes across in the swatch. See it here compared to some MAC reds, which got their asses kicked and handed to them. It is incredibly flattering, I think it would be on any skintone. There is a blue undertone to it, but not enough to make it pinkish.

Sandman is very muted, and the intensely matte texture contributes to the muted, almost muddy impression. It is a bit of a brick red but remains quite neutral. I am not as excited as I thought I’d be by this shade, I feel like it needs a bit more punch to it. I really wanted to try this formula, but Sandman is the only one that I thought I might like, so I am a liiiittle disappointed. Close to MAC Dubonnet, one of my classics, but it is missing something. Perhaps it is just the formula…

Dark Era also has me slightly disappointed. It is also muted, a dark neutral burgundy that right now is not really saying anything to me. My heart may have been stolen by Eden.

Aria is an almost perfect magenta. Having recently discovered that MAC’s Rebel is very flattering on me (at least when my hair is dark), I wanted more in the same vein. Rebel is still more flattering, more pink and slightly more muted. Aria is very saturated, there’s no hint of neutralness here! and there’s more blue to it. It is more pure. Cool shade!
Comparison with MAC Rebel and KVD Bauhau5 here.

Up the bass is weird. Yes I knew it was weird when I ordered it. It has grey in it, a white opacity, and at the same time it is quite dark – this is the colour of a good bruise. The purple in it is also rather muted, halfway between blue and red. I had no idea if it would look like ass on me, and no, it is not particularly flattering. As my boyfriend said, it gives off a “let me the fuck alone” vibe, and that’s exactly what I want to project most of the time if I’m honest 😉 so all is good, I guess.

And Haze is my first and only truly grey lipstick, and it is really neutral, not warm and not cool. I just had to have it. As for the flattering-ness of it, a bit of the above, but not too bad 🙂 it’s at home with the right look and when the mood strikes.

*Now  they are, NYX store opened in Antwerp next to the MAC store… danger!!!


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