I finally got some Sugarpill stuff! In keeping with my new year’s resolution 😉 I ordered two red eyeshadows: loose Asylum and pressed Love +

This was my first time ordering anything from Poland: and I received the package in three days 🙂 also, no custom charges from Poland! They have a nice selection of brands, but I made a supreme effort to contain myself (really wanted Acidberry but I am simply not using greens right now that I have black hair), and only got one other thing, a Kryolan triangle powder puff. All my other (round) puffs are Kryolan and I am happy with them. They work well and stand up to washing.

My first impression of Love + is very good. It is super pigmented, RED and brighter than the previous reddest, brightest eyeshadow in my collection: ancient Biotherm play on 525, which is more muted and brick-hued.

I did a quick swatch, and it is even more evident than on the pan:

Asylum is also brighter and redder than my previous brighter and redder loose eyeshadow, Neve‘s Compilation, which is more muted and orange. The swatch is pretty bad, but I’ll make a red eyeshadow swatch post soon.

I got the eyeshadow in a compact since this store did not carry the pans, and I actually was looking for a while and found Love + out of stock in many stores, in either pan or compact. But I depot my singles, and I tried the flat iron method for the first time (I normally use a candle which is messier). It worked very well.

I now use my thin, small artist’s spatula to depot eyeshadows, and it works great.

I also use it to scoop and mix foundations and concealers on the back of my hand. I really recommend picking up one of these in an art store, they’re very cheap. Look for a thin and flexible one. Sometimes you also find them in gourmet cooking stores, but they tend to be thicker and stiffer.


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