After keeping an eye out for months, yesterday I finally found the lightest locally available shade of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum … which sadly isn’t 51 but 52. It didn’t look too bad swatched next to the regular HM 51 though, and I have my TBS shade adjusting drops anyway. I think it is still the darkest foundation I have around, but it is sheer (perhaps sheerer than Healthy Mix?) so it looks ok when on. As you can see on the swatch below, when blended out I cannot tell…


And I also found the Radiance Reveal concealer in shade 02. Even though it is never available that I’ve seen, the tester for 01 is too light. I need a peachy shade under the eyes (and I wanted to try this concealer for that) and 02 is peachy.

These were discounted since they still had a good bunch of the regular HM, but they had already a batch of the new (repackaged? reformulated?) HM. Are they also repackaging the HMS? removing it from (our) shelves? who knows. I’m glad I have a backup of my HM 51 though, because things can always get worse. Hope not. It’s possibly my fave.

So yay I guess!

I also got a Sleek glitter eyeliner 269 steel. Because ;P
I am terrified of glitter, but can deal with it if it is neatly contained. It is just standard silver glitter on a semi-sheer steel grey base. Ok for the price.

I found these things in a regular Di store. They also had a Real Techniques stand, which funnily enough they do not have in the Di makeup store. I however did not pick anything up. A single sponge 9 euro… it’s 5 pounds in Boots. The washing palette was like almost 20 euro… 10 pounds in Boots. A set of sponges 30 euro, 20 pounds in Boots. Triangle bold metals brush, 30 euro, down from 36! 20 in Boots. Excuse me? Yeah basically just add 10 euro to everything. Fuck that. If I ever get anything I’ll go with Boots international.

I’ve always applied foundation with fingers, but I’ve taken to use my Ebelin sponge from DM that I got in Aachen. That was super cheap, I can’t recall, but like 2 euro max. I really like it, it is super soft and bouncy. I only have one and I hope it lasts (I wash it every time I use it) because there are no plans for trips to Germany in my future.

Using fingers is certainly more economical than sponges, in which you lose a lot of product, but I am amassing quite the collection of foundations (to my standards for liquid and cream products) and they’re gonna go bad anyway. A damp sponge certainly makes a difference if you have dry skin… I’m liking it. Still not liking the price of a Beauty Blender though… it’s a SPONGE. WTF.

Speaking of which (collection of foundations), I really have to stop buying more tubes. I counted. I have 11… that’s enough. It was enough a while ago. It is time for a good comparison swatch post! I’ll wait for a bright day. Har har.

Oh, before I forget. Yesterday I also walked into the local Yves Rocher. They had the 50% discount boards outside. I estimate they do about 50% of the time as well, so I make a point to not set foot in the store if they don’t. I truly hate their business model too… which I’ve circumvented by not giving them my address. But they carry possibly my favourite lipstick formula: their Grand Rouge. Well, I actually have only one shade of that, but I have another of their Rouge Crème Hydratant and honestly it is a very similar formula… so I decided to get a red shade in Grand Rouge, and see how that goes. Can’t really say it is my favourite formula if I only have one shade and it is nude 😉 this shade feels the same on the lips, but I have to test better.

Quick swatch:


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  1. I love love love that concealer! Great swatches, as always x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      I have only just tried it under the eyes, so far so good! Thanks!


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