Six discounted items, +

I went to the center yesterday and came back with a few things. It is difficult to resist the discounts 😉 and today I also got a couple of Essence brushes and an eyeshadow primer.


From Kiko I got a high pigment eyeshadow, another sparkling trail stick eyeshadow, and… a nail polish! bad I know. These had between 30 and 50% discount.

Also got a tube of Maybelline Baby Skin primer and a tube of Fit me matte + poreless, and a pan of Bourjois healthy balance powder. These all had 25% discount.

Ok, so the High pigment eyeshadow, 50, is quite shimmery. I keep on looking at Mary-Lou Manizer, but not wanting to shell out nearly 20 euro for it. In the Kiko discount bins, three eyeshadows reminded me of it quite a lot. The closest to it was already sold out, so I took this one, 50, which is cooler. And yes I plan to at least try it as a highlighter. This is a slightly champagne pearl. I really like the quality of these shadows, and they’re wet and dry.

Last time I was in the shop I got the bluish grey Sparkling trail 06, and I love how blendable it is and how it totally sets. This time I got the only other shade available, 02. This is brown, and that is unlike me, but I got it anyway because I love the formula.

Essence show your feet toe nail polish 02 deep blue sea on the left, Kiko 266 on the right. One (shoddy) layer.

And yes, I got a nail polish! I had a total ban on nail polish, but I had already eyed this one last time, and 266 nail lacquer fell in the bag. It is very similar to one of my absolute favourites, a bit brighter and cooler, and my old one of course isn’t made anymore, and there is very little left of it, and it was discounted, so yeah.

Ok, Maybelline. I’ve been watching youtube videos for primers and foundations for dry skin, and Maybelline Fit Me dewy + smooth was mentioned several times. The lightest shade (115 ivory) was way too dark, and too red, so I picked up the matte + poreless version, which I also saw mentioned even though it is marketed towards normal to oily skin. I hope that it is not a mistake, but I thought it was worth trying for 7,49 euro on discount. After all, despite my dry skin, I am not a fan of dewiness. And well, the difference between these two lightest shades is dramatic, 115 just won’t do:

Via BEAUTY BY BEHK, I think the white balance is quite yellow in this picture, but you see the huge difference.

One comparison swatch:

Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 light vanilla, Maybelline Fit me matte + poreless 110 porcelain, L’Oreal perfect match 1.5 N Linen. Maybelline’s is my best match, but all are pretty good. I’m about NC10. My picture is not very clear because, you guessed it, it is quite dark already.

I also picked up the Baby Skin instant pore eraser, which appears to be nearly straight silicone, to see if it makes any difference with skin texture. I don’t have a huge amount of texture, but I used to have literally zero texture, and I miss that, to be honest. I decided to try a few more primers (so far I think I’ve only tried two) and see if that works.

I would have liked to also pick up the Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation, but the lightest shade was still out of stock. It seems like it always is… and so is the Radiance Reveal concealer which I also want to try. I’m actually not sure if 01 is too light and I might have to pick 02 (a really light concealer accentuates the bluishness under my eyes and makes it grey, a salmon hue is actually better), but both seem to be permanently out of stock…

Nicely, the super thin sponges I picked up in Boots fit inside the compact.

However I picked up the lightest (52 vanilla) Healthy Balance powder which I’ve also seen recommended for dry skin. No swatch of this, but it is undetectable on my skin. I am running out of my Laura Mercier powder, and want to order some of the RCMA, but meanwhile I have this option, plus this is good on the go and it has a mirror. I can now pass on my compact of Catrice prime and fine which I carry in my bag because of the mirror, it doesn’t really work for me but my friend with oily skin loves it.

I don’t actually powder much at the moment, as I am mainly using Bourjois Healthy Mix (which is not terribly dewy), L’Oreal perfect match (which is a bit too dry for me), or a mix of both (which is nearly perfect). In summer I do powder my Skin79 BB creams a little more, and I thoroughly set the Mehron Celebré HD PRO when I bother to use it. So, for now, setting just under the eyes and sometimes a little bit on the T zone, powder lasts aaages.

I img_8250like to have some of these synthetic cheapo Essence brushes around, I mainly use them for cream products. They’re allright. I think the two older ones with a black handle may be natural bristles. And in fact, the wide angle brush with the tacky handle has now become my favourite eyebrow brush, go figure!

The purple one I picked up today is in fact nearly an exact shape match for my MAC 224, which is still, after all these years, possibly my favourite brush. Sadly the ones now available in the MAD store are of much lower quality…

I haven’t forgotten that TBS liquid lipstick review I have pending, and in draft. I am so lazy about it… ugh. Still wanted to swatch it on the lips…


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