Neve cosmetics

So cute! great idea 🙂

Another package! woot!

BTW shipping took basically one day, superb service and delivery. And that box!

What I got:

Jellyfish*, Seahorse*, Compilation*, Red Carpet, Submarine* Oyster*, Tattoo

The pigments (marked *) are of nice quality, comparable to pigments/loose shadows from other indie companies. The eyeshadows (both are matte) are so-so in texture, a little patchy when swatching, but I will have to test them properly because swatching can be deceiving.

Swatched over bare skin, pearly primer (Kiko), white pencil (NYX Milk) and the light sparkly colour is also swatched over soft black pencil.

  • Jellyfish has rather large flyaway pink glitters that I am not a super fan of, but you might. The base is slightly white but nearly transparent. Too chunky for cheek highlight I think.
  • Seahorse was a gift. Rusty tangerine with gold/green duochrome (the shift only visible over primer). Nice texture.
  • Compilation I was greatly looking forward to. I ordered the large size. It is a coppery red that almost doesn’t stick to bare skin but is very reflective over primer. The sheen is a bit silvery. Bit disappointed because it is very similar to MAC Coppering (which allright, is gorgeous), it is a little cooler and more brick-like, the sheen is also cooler.
  • The red eyeshadow, Red Carpet, is muted and brick-like, I suppose to be expected since there is no carmine in it, it is just iron oxide, as all these are vegan. I’ll keep looking for brighter reds… very opaque over primer.
  • Submarine is nice. A dark steely blue-grey with a slight pink sheen and sparkles (they look very similar to those in Jellyfish, and both are from the same collection. I don’t know where the company gets the official description from… (Smokey teal with a warm lilac satin finish and orangey sparkles – wut? and their photos of the product look just like mine, good thing I just looked at the photos).
  • Oyster is really pretty. It is a black pearl: warm blackish base with pearly green/aqua sheen.
  • Tattoo is a little boring, an inky, blackened muted plum. It looks nearly black in the pan.

I really do not feel like doing a proper comparison after yesterday’s marathon. Also, it woke up sunny and bright and by the time I got upstairs (literally as I was walking up the stairs) it got uber cloudy and dark. SIGH. Here a quickie next to the swatches:

Artdeco 30.372 next to Jellyfish, MAC Amber lights next to Seahorse, MAC Coppering next to Compilation, Biotherm 525 next to Red Carpet,  Essence Keep your midnight secret next to Submarine, MAC Plumage next to Oyster, MAC Thunder next to Tattoo. These are swatched over the Kiko primer only.

Not the best choices for two or three of these, but proper comparisons, if they ever come, will have to wait because I’m tired and it’s so dark I can’t be bothered ;P

img_8205I also had to reorganise shadows again, SIGH lol
Took the blackest out of the taupe palette, and now I have a use for the small Nabla palette. Had to remove the magnets too. FYI MUA pans are not magnetic, must be aluminium, more sighs ;P that one is just loose in there now, luckily it is quite snug.


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