Nabla, Kiko, Lollipops & TBS swatches

Ok, so it is still kinda dark, but we’ll do what we can.

As expected, yesterday I received the highly anticipated (I’m not normally like this, must be the hormones!) Nabla package. I could simply not wait to swatch the eyeshadows… I took some pictures beforehand in artificial light, which I don’t really like to do ;P but that’s all the untouched you get.

It is a small package, but I am very happy with everything, and I should have gotten another lipstick I had in mind, and perhaps one or two more eyeshadows. The shadows are interesting enough, although I was hoping Ludwig to be more red: it photographs more bright and more red than it is in actuality – and so I saw in swatches online; I have tried to correct this a bit in my post-processing. I adore the colour of the lipstick and the cream shadow, and the pencil (yes I also already tried it!) is outstanding.

Now I have a small selection of pencils and lately I’ve been sticking to drugstore, so I hadn’t really encountered a pencil that really sets until now. I swatched on my hand, waited a few minutes… and then it would not budge! I know this is not news to the world, but it is news to me 😉 can’t wait to try it around the eyes. Hope I’ll get around to reviewing.


On to the swatches. I am swatching the eyeshadows over bare skin, a pearly primer (Kiko) and a white pencil (NYX milk).

And some comparisons, because I love to do that!

Nabla – Pegasus, MAC – Seedy pearl, TBS eye shimmers – Copper*, MAC – Parisienne, Femme fatale – Fire opal, Femme fatale – Floating gems

*Yeah… what?

Pegasus is a very interesting duochrome. The base is lavender and the iridescence is champagne goldish. It shows its lavender base more clearly when applied over white pencil.


Nabla – Ludwig, MAC – Coppering, MAC – Maroon (pigment), Nabla – Daphne no 2, MAC – Cranberry, Anastasia Beverly Hills – Venetian Red. I added Venetian Red later as an afterthought… I think it is a bit off the other shades and it is nearly matte, but it is a more current choice for comparison, I suppose…


Artdeco 30.17, MAC moth brown, Nabla Moonrise, MAC Pearled earth, Artdeco 30.02

I love this type of shade. These are all very similar… but I still want to keep them all. Moonrise and Pearled Earth are very similar, although the sheen of pearled earth is more obvious in the image.


Lollipops Jungle Art n°803, Inglot 460, Payot gris volcanique, Nabla Ground state, Art deco 30.17, Artdeco 3.208, MAC Shale

I’d have preferred Ground state to be a little less purple, and the pearl is perhaps also a little too prominent, but it is very nice. I was thinking of getting rid of the Lollipops, but when comparing I see it is perhaps unique enough in my collection. It is more brown than any of these, and the browns closer to it in my collection are matte.


MAC Velvet moss, Nabla Radikal, MAC Femme noir, MAC Fiction, TBS 31 peacock green

Nice military green. As of late many new companies are putting out better quality mattes than MAC and co!


I love love love Nabla Alter Ego!! I have been looking for this particular shade for years, and the closest in my collection, as you can see, is a blend I mixed myself trying to approximate the shade. I vastly prefer bullets, and the texture of the Nabla’s is far superior too (classic matte with a more modern slippy feel that sets a little after a bit, I love it!).

The swatches are: Nabla Alter Ego, NYX Eden, Rimmel 107, NYX Street Cred, MAC Ramblas Red, 3/5ths 57 Bourjois Fuchsia Class + 2/5ths MAC Ruby Woo.

You’ll also note I took two size comparison pictures. The Nabla packaging is very compact (and metal), but the bullet itself is full size. It is not far from the size of the admittedly tiny Bésame lipsticks (1.8 grams). I have noticed as of late, that I think brands are short-changing us with the bullets. I have only used Rimmel 107 three or four times, and you can see the bullet still has the tip shape quite intact. The stated weight for it is 4 grams. For Nabla 4.2 grams. Mhmhmh. A few of the bullets in my recent NYX order were noticeably shorter (stated 4.5 grams). Come on guys. It could very well be that in some lipsticks the bullet is stuck lower into the casing, but in that case, it is going to be a pain in the ass to get the last of the product out to use it. I am sure someone out there still uses their lipsticks up. Not sure I will though ;P

And then I ran out of light at 15:30

But let’s try anyway.

A really shit artificial light swatch of Nabla’s Crème Shadow – Supreme. This looks really great and I’ll revisit, perhaps with comparisons to eyeshadows. This one doesn’t budge once set.


Nabla Velvetline Bombay black, Essence Gel eye pencil waterproof 01 black blaze, Catrice velvet matt smokey eyes pencil 010 please, mauve black!, Lollipops long lasting eyes pencil 705 Stormy Day, Essence kajal pencil 15 behind the scenes, Essence Gel eye pencil waterproof 05 gunmetal.

I rubbed pretty hard at the swatches 10 or 15 minutes after application. I even got some glitter from something else stuck on some pencils, oops ;P The Essence gel liners actually performed pretty well in this test, but I find they disappear from the waterline after a few hours… The smokey eye pencil is obviously not meant to set, and the Kajal I suppose neither.



Kiko Sparkling trail eyeshadow 06 Rose anthracite compared to Essence 2in1 eyeshadow & liner waterproof 05 I’m blue. The first swatch is in artificial light since I ran out of light. Neither of these budge once set.

I honestly bought Sparkling trail eyeshadow in 06 mostly because of the texture. When swatching, it blends like an absolute dream! The hue is perhaps a bit too blue and sparkly (it has multicolored and rose glitters) for me – I never use the essence for the same reason… it is even bluer, but I am hoping it will work great under other shadows as well, like the cream crushes do.


I have already worn the Kiko liquid intense eyeliner in 02 a couple of times. Small review follows: I have mixed feelings. The applicator has a good shape, spring and flexibility, and I, eyeliner challenged with hooded lids, find I really like it to get a wing that is more decent than I get with most other products. However, the felt-y tip seems quite non-porous and the product sits on it, so sometimes (probably also due to the texture of the eyeliner itself), you kind of wipe it off as you apply it (it doesn’t wipe off the bits that are already dry, though). So it does need some work to get it even, but it’s not too bad, and I am happy with the result. The formula itself is not 100% opaque, but can be built up easily; it has a subtly metallic-satin finish, and it stays put with minimal (but present) flaking by the end of the day – I do not have teary eyes though. And I do feel it, it is ever so slightly crusty when it dries, but I get used to it after a while. All in all, a good enough product for the 3,40 euro I paid, but I would be disappointed if I had paid full price.

BUT have I told you how much I love the packaging?? again a sucker for all things Art Deco. It is just a flimsy cardboard box, but I love it. The tube itself is very unremarkable, sadly.

Ok, Lollipops.

I think I picked the wrong shade (this eyeshadow is swatched earlier in this post together with Nabla Ground state). The display was confusing and ambiguous… I ended up with a nondescript warm brown-grey satin, Jungle Art n°803, which I would not have purchased otherwise. In the shop I swatched a darker, cooler shade with some glitter (might have been Midnight wish n°802). Oh well. I wore it yesterday on the crease and it blends nicely. My taupe palette is completely full anyway, nut it may just go with the browns and yellows…

The pencil, 705 Stormy Day, is a nice metallic pewter shade (also swatched earlier with the Nabla pencil). In this case, let me mention the GHASTLY packaging. Ugh. NO. But! It also sets! yay! another one I am looking forward to trying around the eyes.


And last and definitely least, TBS Matte lip liquid in Mauritius Dahlia 017. I am dissapoint. Review in the next post. I may take some comparisons or I may not. It’d have to be regular lipsticks anyway.

I took a picture once dried, but I forgot to take one after lightly rubbing. It stains the skin a bit but it does rub off. You can rub it off completely with a little drool, bah.


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  1. Laura says:

    Hi, thank you for swatches: I’m doing my Nabla wishlist…


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