Some new things and an update

So I have not posted in a while. Several things have been going on. I’m now 7 months pregnant, keeping my nails short and bare, and so have abandoned the nail polish challenge for the time being. I plan on returning to it. I still have been a good girl and not bought any nail polish.

As I mentioned not too long ago, there is almost no light in winter around here. We’re now past the solstice and things are slowly starting to pick up. With more light comes more pictures. I’ve also been trying to buy less stuff ;P and use more stuff. Being constantly sick and blowing my nose every 5 minutes puts a damper on wearing bright and dark lipsticks, though.

Today I got a few things in the sales (Kiko things 3,40 € each! – Lollipops 50% discounted 🙂 ), and I have a Nabla order supposedly arriving tomorrow, I’m really looking forward to that! They were closed for the holidays so the order has been in limbo for a while. A number of weeks ago I also got a TBS matte lip liquid and I’ve been trying to come to terms with it. It may never happen.

I just want to write down a list of things I have to take pictures of and swatch, so here goes:

  • TBS Matte lip liquid in Mauritius Dahlia 017
  • Lollipops eyeshadow single in Jungle Art 803
  • Lollipops Long lasting eyes (sic) pencil in Stormy Day 705
  • Kiko Sparkling trail eyeshadow (cream in a chubby pencil) in 06
  • Kiko liquid intense eyeliner in 02

And the Nabla things I suppose:

  • Velvetline Long-Wear Matte Eye Pencil – Bombay Black
  • Eyeshadow Refill – Daphne N°2, Ground State, Moonrise, Pegasus, Ludwig, Radikal
  • Liberty Six Déco palette
  • Diva Crime Lipstick – Alter Ego
  • Crème Shadow – Supreme

The eyeshadow palette was free which is awesome, since the print is Art Deco and I was going to buy it anyway, because I am a sucker for that. Now that I look at my bill, I see I ordered two Ludwig eyeshadows. LOL! this is the first time anything like this happens to me, I’m getting old. Perhaps I’ll love it to bits and I keep it as a backup, or I’ll give it to a friend.

Hope I’m not forgetting anything else I’ve recently gotten. Hope I’ll have the restrain to not use any of these tomorrow. I won’t be home anytime there is any light. Today I was, but it was so cloudy there wasn’t any light anyway…

I have one new year’s resolution: MORE red eyeshadows!


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