More depotting

I really should keep better inventory… but what a boring post would that be!

Last Friday I depotted 10 shadows that had been waiting for a while, since I had run out of magnets. And palettes 😉

Officially not fitting under the edge of my vanity shelf anymore… here also featured Modern Renaissance and Shade and Light Eye.

Last week I bought a new MAC palette (with clear cover), I like these because they’re pretty deep and baked eyeshadows normally fit in them. They don’t fit in the old type palettes.

After depotting and trying to re-organise everything, I saw I again ran out of space. Fortunately I still had an empty old type palette, so I reorganised some more…

I wanted to put purples and reds together since I have this very annoying split purple/red MAC eyeshadow, and on top of that, it’s baked. It’s Mi’Lady, some old LE, which finally, after ages, I depotted. I fit them all together in one deep palette. I used to have reds and pinks, and blues and purples, in one palette each.

So now reds and purples are together in a deep palette. It looks like I don’t have nearly enough reds!!! there’s only two true reds, that blush is too pink to be there… speaking of blushes, another annoyance is the split gold/pink bloomsberry/tigerlily. Perhaps another double is in order, with the added advantage of having all cheek stuff together.

Now blues and teals do not fit in a single palette, but it looks a bit empty like this. The foiled blue baked Essence 01 keep your midnight secret, freshly depotted, is very tall, and it actually doesn’t fit in this palette :/ as you can see, but if I put it in the middle, the clear inner cover seems to bend over it when everything closes, securely. I will have to use it a lot to flatten it 😉

Here are the depotted shadows, marked:


Those rectangular blues in a row are from an H&M palette from years ago, “confession in the moonlight”. I also depotted a very shitty and ancient but oh well purple from Sephora (All-over color 0711), the pearled earth from MAC I talked about recently, a baked Catrice which broke a bit (candy shock) and an Essence the velvets (09 bahama-mama).

I hate how messy and uneven everything is, but I hate even more to have a million singles that take a huge amount of space, are impossible to organise, and I never reach for… I wish all shadows were rectangular or square though, such a waste of space with all the little circles. Look how neat the Artdeco palette is!


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