More Kiko cream crush


I popped into te Kiko store the other day and came out with a couple more cream crush cream shadows, 07 and 16.

Yes, I said I was not taken by any of the other colours offered (I already had 04 and 08), but they were at half price so I thought I’d get a couple. I hope they’re not getting discontinued…

After leaving the store, I opened up the boxes, and saw the dark brown pot was not well closed, and inside the product had shrunken and completely separated from the edges. I went back to the store and they exchanged it. Now that I opened them again, I saw that the green one has also separated a little bit from the edges, I either didn’t see it that day, or it has separated since… these may not have much longevity unfortunately, that’s what I hate about cream products.

So well… green doesn’t feel particularly dried out on application, but, as the glittery grey, also doesn’t blend out as easily as the mattes, and it may just be the formula, as I though.

04 is still by far my favourite in performance, shade and versatility. The dark brown 07 is close in performance, but I’ll see how it wears and what can I put on top (it may work great under black for example, I often do very dramatic black eyeshadow nearly all over), the shade on its own I’m not crazy about, but it is probably more versatile than I think. I am biased against browns.

Glittery shades 08 (taupe) and 16 (green) are fun to have around but I don’t think I’ll reach for them often, I would not spend more then what I did for these.


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