MAC Pearled earth / Kiko cream crush 08

Some time ago I got this MAC eyeshadow, and I think I forgot to post about it. It is still potted so it must be after July when I went on a depotting frenzy.

It’s from some LE or other and I don’t remember how I ran across a swatch of it on the internet, but it looked interesting and I found one on eBay.

Indeed, it is kind of close to my beloved, ancient Payot gris volcanique:

Payot: gris volcanique – MAC: pearled earth

Cooler, slightly less pigmented and with a slightly different type of pearl, but a nice one!

And on a similar note, I also recently got another of Kiko’s cream crushes, which are really, really good I think. They do have a bit of a poor and weird shade selection, though, I basically don’t want any of the others! so I’ve got 04 which is matte and now 08 which is shimmer.

These set and last all day (and I’d bet all night too), but as you can clearly see, the matte 04 blends much easier with a brush (or with fingers). I have worn both on their own as eyeshadow, but you can certainly achieve a more refined gradient with 04. I cannot get 08 to not go patchy. I don’t know if 08 is more difficult to blend due to the shimmer particles, it feels drier a lot less creamier than 04. I may also have gotten a dried up pot!

Just because, I also applied previously mentioned eyeshadows from Payot and MAC on top of CC 08. Their differences are then even less evident, but particularly in person, the pearl in Payot’s is pinkier, MAC’s more silver.


You may have noticed that the quality of my pictures is beginning to suffer. At this latitude, it is difficult to take pictures in natural light all autumn and winter due to the lack of light. I may have to go on hiatus…


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