A little haul

Today I went for a walk and had a look at some things, well you know.



I actually had these lightening drops from TBS in my wishlist. Useful thing to have, and at 14 euro, not bad at all.


The lipstick is their scrub lipstick. At 10 euro it is a little overpriced, but I remember using it a years ago and it worked very nicely on my extremely dry lips. I used it at night and intend to do the same now.

They gave me a sample of the satsuma lotion… which smells just like my childhood cough syrup, not particularly pleasant.

I’ll post some swatches of the lightening drops soon.


In local drugstore Kruidvat I got two Essence products from a new collection: Midnight masquerade, apparently carnival inspired, still a ways to go guys, mashing it with Halloween are we?


There was a tester only for the brown eyeshadow, but it seemed nice so I picked up the blue one. I also picked up the highlighter. I hesitated about the black “kajal” intensifier base, but although the packaging is closer to their 2 in 1 shadow and liner waterproof, which as everybody knows is awesome, it seems to have a formula closer to the chunky kajal they have, the smoky khôl 2 in 1, which is too soft and doesn’t set. Which might be good to have eyeshadows grab onto, but I didn’t pick it up since I don’t need another soft pencil.

The eyeshadow is very nice. It seems baked, and has a strong black base when applied dry (bottom swatch), but foils very nicely when wet. I didn’t use a primer. I think this got rid of the cravings for KVD’s Paranoid. That one is too aqua anyway, right? 😉 sour grapes.

The illuminator is a translucent pink hue with shell shimmer and small silver glitter, nothing to write home about. Whats with the passive stupid name though??

And normally I don’t post much about skincare, but anyway… I was happy to see another product available in the Spa secrets / Miracles of Bali Kruidvat line. I think this line is most excellent for the price and I recommend it if you have access to Kruidvat. I find the other scents abhorrent, I’m very picky about that, but I love the yellow, Bali one, “coconut and frangipani”. I have a very soft spot for frangipani. This line always seems to have less products available than the other scents, though. I have everything I’ve seen available except a shower foam in a canister (a canister, are you kidding me??), and I think perhaps at some point there was a gel available too, but I cannot use these scented gels, they’re always too stripping for my super dry skin. So now I have hand and body cream, and an excellent, strong sand scrub which I love for feet.


The scent is strong and persistent. The body cream is very thick and rich (second ingredient after water: shea butter!) and I absolutely love it. The hand cream is a runnier paraffin / glycerin one, we’ll see how I like it.

I was looking at the L’Oreal counter in Kruidvat, since I wanted to check out a few things, but it was understocked and a mess, so I went to another shop.


I had “Infallible 24H Matte Foundation 10 Porcelain” in my list, but they only had darker shades (which were in fact too dark). I am also not sure how good an idea it is for me with dry skin to use a mattifying foundation. I had a moment of hesitation because I wanted to also try the True Match, but since here it is labelled in French (accord parfait), I wasn’t sure it was the same thing! it isn’t. I got the Perfect match. It indeed seemed a nice match in the shade 1.5.N, linen, which seems the lightest in a neutral shade, I think there was another pinkier light one.

Swatches soon.


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  1. Oh my god I seriously need those shade adjusting drops asap! I hear so many people say that make foundation patchy, that’s my only concern :/ Love the post xoxo


    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      I do have a little swatch post coming up, but I will be testing it more thoroughly with several foundations and report back!


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