15, 16 & 17

For 15 I wore a black with subtle warm-toned shimmers. 16 was a dud that is going into the garbage, not only is it yellow (bought to mix into greens, no doubt) It’s also runny and somehow, simultaneously, gloopy. So off it came to make space for 17, which is red. It is a double ended polish with red glitter on the other side, which I don’t feel like removing a week from now so I didn’t use it ;p

Base and top coat, the usual suspects.


Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas LE, C04 Drama Queen


Essence 118 little miss sunrise
Essence Circus Circus LE 03 Applause, applause (without glitter)

My hands are a mess due to work and neglect, and I seriously can’t be bothered right now.


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