Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance swatch comparisons

I like to do these exercises to see how new shades I get compare to (or combine with) other shades I already have. It has the downside that I might then decide I didn’t need the product in the first place 😉

I think in this case I’m relatively safe though. There are a number of shades -let’s say the neutrals- that I could nearly dupe, and I am not so crazy about those in particular that I’d need the exact shade. But there are others, the ones that I (and everyone else?) actually was attracted to in the first place, that I don’t have anything like in my collection. So let’s get on with it.

Since most of my shades are depotted, and many venerably old, this is a bit messy…

Let’s start with the lightest.


KVD Latinus, MAC Blanc type, ABH Tempera, MAC Performance

ABH Tempera is just slightly more visible on my skintone (right now, on these swatches, NC15-20 on the top of my arm and NC15-10 on the bottom ;P), MAC’s Soft heart (Liza AM quad) is invisible and you’ll have to trust me that it’s there. Tempera is described as matte but I think it has the barest hint of satin (probably makes the shade more forgiving to apply). MAC’s Blanc type is a bit lighter and absolutely matte. Kat von D’s Latinus is not even close. Lucius is a little bit closer but I didn’t swatch it.

These next are the messiest!

I have a few MAC pigments pressed into palettes. One of these is so hard to open that I stuck my fingernail in one of the pans. Ouch. It is fixed now, but I took the picture mess and all so that the alcohol wouldn’t darken the shade. And the shades are:

MAC Deckchair (pressed), MAC Tan (pressed), ABH Vermeer, ABH Primavera, MAC Provence (pressed), MAC Tendermetal, MAC Jest

None of these is really a match. Vermeer and Jest are very similar in hue, but Jest is incredibly frosty, foiled really (quite obnoxious and I rarely use it anymore). Deckchair is a pretty good match, it is out of focus, so you’ll have to trust me. Primavera and Provence are also very similar in hue, but the texture is also completely different, Provence is a matte with some sparkles (that fall off). Not sure what Tendermetal is doing there. It is an ugly greenish greyish gold that I never use.

On to the next:

MUA Sinful, MAC Soft heart, ABH Buon fresco, MAC Mink pink , MAC Dovefeather.

ABH Buon fresco is perhaps the least interesting shade in this palette for me personally. These shades do not suit me at all, but regardless I have too many. None is a true match, but Sinful from the MUA pretty edgy palette is quite close in colour and texture. The other tree are MAC: soft heart (Liza AM quad), mink pink and dovefeather. ABH’s one is more grey and perhaps the most interesting of all of these, so there’s that.

The oranges:

So well, no true dupes, really, but I don’t normally use this type of shade much. A couple of these are cheek products:

KVD Ludwin, MAC’s blush Tantone, MAC Soba, ABH Golden ochre, ABH Raw sienna, ABH Burnt orange, Essence shading powder 01 light (bronzer), Essence 59 copper island.

KVD’s Ludwin is much more orange once swatched than you’d think on the pan, making it close to ABH Burnt orange in hue, but lighter. MAC’s blush Tantone is quite close to ABH’s Raw sienna, but still it is ashier. Essence’s copper island is also close in hue, but it is such a shimmer that it is actually very different. ABHs Golden ochre is pretty unique in my collection, MAC Soba is darker and ashier. I truly love Soba on as a subtle crease colour, so we’ll see how this one goes.


1. Kiko 231, MAC Passionate, ABH Red ochre, ABH Venetian Red, ABH Love letter, MAC Coppering, ABH Realgar, Biotherm Play on 525
2. ABH Red ochre, ABH Venetian Red, MAC Cranberry, ABH Love letter

I swatched these in two batches since I noticed too late that I should have included MAC’s Cranberry in the first image. Oh well ;P

These are the shades I was most looking forward to. I don’t have anything even close so that’s good! The swatches speak for themselves so that’s all I’m gonna say, apart from mentioning that everything in here is matte except for MAC’s Coppering and MAC’s Cranberry.

And finally, browns!

Clinique 07 vintage wine duo (darker shade), MAC Cranberry, ABH Antique Bronze, MAC Antiqued, ABH Warm taupe, MAC Taupe note, MAC Concrete, MAC Rummy, ABH Cyprus amber, Artdeco 313.24, MAC Embark, Essence The velvets 06

I actually forgot to look into the Kat von D shade and light eye, I am sure a few of those are good matches as well 😉 But yeah we got a full armful of swatches here anyway 😉

The first two could be completely excluded, in fact, but MAC Antiqued is pretty close to ABH Antique Bronze, just a tad warmer. ABH Warm taupe and MAC’s Taupe note (from the ancient Liza AM quad) are very close, the latter being just slightly warmer. Then a series of dark browns, of which the closest to ABH’s Cyprus amber is Essence The velvets 06, but any of the others would be undistinguishable when blended with others, I think.

So weeeell… in my collection the reds and oranges of this palette are unique, and some others are welcome. About half of the palette is redundant, though. But all the shades are of most excellent quality. We’ll see how much use they get 😉


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  1. Heather L says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! Such a BIG help!☺ Great Blog!


    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      Happy to help!


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