NYX lip swatches

I’ve had this post in drafts for ages. Thing is, I wanted to do lip swatches + review of these NYX lipsticks I got a while back, but I simply haven’t been wearing deep shades because it has been too damn hot. I’ve worn Circe and Butter, a few times, but only some of the deeper shades a couple of times, so I don’t want to get on with that review just yet. It is now the middle of September, and the weather might be giving us a break soon, and with it deeper shades, yay!

So, the lips swatches it is!

All lipsticks quickly swatched on lips. (Bare), Circe, Butter, Street Cred, Eden, Sandman, Dark Era, Aria, Up the bass, Haze. Click to embiggen.

Click here to embiggen. First pic is my bare lips. All lipsticks applied from the bullet, no liner, brush or anything. Bear in mind that by the time I had swatched Up the bass and Haze, my lips were rubbed raw and dyed red and pink from the previous lipsticks… I should have swatched them after the nudes. It may still be helpful to see how these cover up naturally pigmented lips 😉
Disclaimer: my lips are very dry.

There is also a post of comparisons of these with some other shades I have here. And here, a comparison of Aria with two other magenta lippies.

And that’s all for now 😉


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