Matte neutral eyeshadow comparison swatches

Now I think all of these are “neutrals”, because if you ask me, true neutrals are white, true grey and black. So these are anything but, they are all touched by red/yellow (brown) and/or blue (purple) – well, the KVD palette has a white and a black. But these are known as neutrals out in the world so here we go.

Further, the warmest in these I can barely even consider including in a neutral category, but since I am using the Kat von D shade and light eye palette as a starting point, I felt obliged to add some of those as well. As you will se I don’t have many warm shades (I do have brights but none of that here).

I raided my palettes and took out anything that I could include in this group. Quite a lot by now, I should stop buying matte neutrals. I then tried arranging the eyeshadows in three groups, neutral, cool and warm, using the KVD palette as a guide. I might have a failed a bit here (especially once I started swatching, some things seemed a bit out of place), but in any case, I just needed to group things somehow, too many shades to swatch at once on an arm!

On to it. AD stands for Artdeco.

These should best be grouped by similar colours, but I’ll be doing that another time 😉




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