Artdeco haul

Earlier this month, we brought my parents to Aachen and we had a nice walk around the city, which is very nice.

Of course I also popped in Müller and dm for a moment. In dm I got the new bi-phase micellar from Garnier, and stocked up on haircare products.

I cannot deal with the scent of the Garnier micellar, so I had to give it away to a friend. Why scent in a cleansing product?? I know it’s just me, I am very overly sensitive to some variant of synthetic vanilla that is now used seemingly EVERYWHERE. A small dose of it, which people normally don’t even notice, sets me off terribly. It is now ubiquitous in room “fresheners” which are unfortunately difficult to escape in the world, hair products and cosmetics (how many I’ve had to give away! I now almost always remember to sniff first), cleansing products, and even sadly in many perfumes. I HATE this fad and cannot wait to see it die. Please die before I die 😦


So, I really wanted to get more of the Artdeco long-wear eyeshadows, because I had two and I really love them. Hit pan on the light shade which I use all the time as a highlight. I certainly needed a backup of that.

I got the largest palette they have (it fits 8 of the larger, long-wear eyeshadows), and 6 more shades. In these pictures, I had already been using them for a while, sorry!

I forgot to write down the numbers of the shades I already had, so I grabbed the wrong light one. So well, now I don’t have a backup but a different shade. They are very similar, but I prefer the more bone toned hue of 68 to the pinkier 60. I don’t think anyone can tell once they’re on…

So I got 5 matte shades (I now have them all but 4 – those left are perhaps too warm) and a shimmer to try. The shimmer is quite nice, but shimmers in general perform pretty well, not so the mattes! these are truly exceptional, my favourites even over MAC’s Matt2 formula:

All excellent (one swipe) and the black is truly black. These can also be applied wet, and I swatched that on top of the regular swatches. I love all of these colours!

And these are all my Artdeco eyeshadows to date:

30.372 (“glamour” range) is invisible on my skintone, the base seems very sheer and it has a very beautiful pearly glitter, but unfortunately it doesn’t last, even with any primer I have. 3.208 is supposedly duochrome, but I don’t see it, 30.17 and 30.02 are nice pearls, and 30.517 is a regular matte.

And let me repeat, because I am sure I’ve already mentioned it, that Artdeco’s palette system is my favourite. I wish they made larger cases. They are solid and beautiful, with a large mirror, and this magnetic system is fantastic since the rectangular pans with narrow edges leave no wasted space! love that 😀 I wish I was not such a hoarder of eyeshadow and could just have two or three Artdeco palettes and that’s it! so neat.


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