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Ok, I’m sort of back.

So, thingies I got these last few weeks. Let’s go backwards. Just yesterday, in Kruidvat, I got 4 little things:

I wasn’t really planning on getting anything, but while my friend was browsing… well, I also browsed. I got this mascara basically because I liked the packaging (yeah I know), and because I’ve never before tried a mascara with these plastic brushes. It just never happened. So I’ll try it. The synthetic brush was extremely cheap but yet the fibres seem to have some oomph to them, the pencil was 0,99 € and I’ve been meaning to get a lighter grey than those I have – this one is pretty light, and the eyeshadow I’ve been eyeing for a while. I like these “velvets” a whole lot (this one seems to have a little sheen to it, although I didn’t detect it when I swatched in the shop, so we’ll see), and I’ve been wondering for years if I’ll ever dare do a 60’s look with baby blue eyeshadow. Now I guess I have to, even though I think I have the wrong eye shape for it…



During my vacation I spent a few days in Barcelona at my parents’ apartment, and I wanted to pass by Sephora and have a look at the Kat von D palettes. I truly hate celebrity anything (and I must be the only one by the looks of it), but I liked the idea of the Shade and Light palettes and the swatches seemed promising. I am in such a neutral nude matte mood lately that I just had to have a look. I also wanted to have a look at the lipsticks.

I ended up getting the eye “contour” palette, and the face contour one looked nice but I can’t justify to spend the money since I barely use the technique. I also got one lipstick, Bauhau5. The liquid lipsticks looked very nice, but I just am not into the concept enough to spend the money. I was very, very, very tempted by the single eyeshadow Paranoid. SO PIGMENTED, really amazing. But I am not using so many brights lately… another time. And I have to admit I like the KTV product names, btw… and I also really like the packaging. What can I say, I am a life-long metalhead. This stuff is on the cheesy (and commercialised) side but whatever.

I was good and totally ignored the Urban Decay counter. I didn’t resist having a look at the Lipstick Queen shelf since I thought I was safe… but I fell for one, funnily enough, the one I really thought I’d never even look at twice (Frog Prince) because it seems a huge gimmick, and as a rule I don’t spend tons of money on sheer lipsticks. But… I tried it on my hand and the colour looked ok, darkening a bit after a while. And when I removed it, it left a stain, which I like. So into the basket it went.

I also got a backup to my staple Sephora retractable brow pencil waterproof (06 soft charcoal) mentioned here.


Next was a visit to a MAC counter to bring my empties that I’ve been collecting for ages (and I have to bring to BCN because there’s no Back to MAC in Belgium…). I rarely ever finish anything… in fact several of these were ancient lipglosses that I didn’t dare use anymore – and when do I use lipgloss anyway? and my even more venerable, first MAC lipstick I ever got in like 2003 or 2004, Dubonnet, which had of course gone bad already years ago.

And I got… another Dubonnet lipstick. Because it’s awesome.

I also had a look at a Nars counter, afraid of what I might find. I was particularly interested in Bette audacious lipstick. But when I swatched it on my hand, a huge MEH occurred. I then swatched a few other reds… more MEH. This was extremely convenient because I didn’t want to spend any more money. I should probably try them on the lips some other time, which might be a whole other thing. Or perhaps I have reached Peak Red Lipstick (GASP!!!!!).

So, how’s the stuff?

Frog Prince looks deeper (we’re still talking sheer here) on the lips, and feels great, so I am happy I got it. The tube is quality: solid, not unnecessarily heavy, smooth -hope the rubberising doesn’t decay, I am looking at you Nars) and closes with a very satisfying click. Something to always carry in my bag, like I carry a Kiko sheer nude that was discontinued. Just applied here in this swatch below, which probably makes it useless:

I also love Bauhau5. Nicely pigmented, long lasting, and a beautiful, flattering colour. The tip of my lipstick was squashed however. Looking at the tube and cap, it just looks like it was too tall for the packaging and the very tip didn’t fit. I don’t care a whole lot about this, in fact I dislike the very pointy point on some new lipsticks because I prefer a rounded cupid’s bow, and a rounder lipstick helps. However, the bullet is a bit loose in the packaging and it rubs against the edge of the tube when you use it, you know like it happens with some, usually cheap, lipsticks? this bothers me a little bit at this price range.


I now have three in this magenta family and I love them all:

The Shade and Light eye palette is absolutely awesome. My least favourite of the three sections is the “warm”, but I am warming up to it (heh), it is actually very flattering, although I am not in the mood for it atm. LOVE the cool, central quad, particularly Lazarus (the large shade) which is my favourite in the palette. My second favourite must be Saleos, also on the cool quad, because it is perfect for my brows.

I am not gonna swatch because the internet is already saturated with swatches of this palette, go to Google ;P

I love the texture (also great on more mature eyelids!) and pigmentation, which is perfect, not too little, not too much, as blendable as you want. I don’t think there’s a dud here, even among the lightest eyeshadows, which seems to be a challenge… So, if in doubt, just GET IT.

Haven’t tried the Essence/Catrice stuff yet, so nothing. That’s all for now!


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