#12 & #13

Hi! I’ve been on vacation ;p I still don’t have access to my computer and the pictures in my camera, so this is a quick phone post.

I don’t have pictures of #12. It got a bit screwed up right after application, and I was on vacation and I couldn’t care less. It was black with a matte coat and shiny tips. Tutorial here. I like that a lot and do it now and then when my nails are short (I cut them off for my vacation). I used Mavala black and Artdeco matte topcoat which I got in Germany. I have a couple of posts lined up with stuff I got in Aachen and Barcelona (which is my hometown).

So on to #13 which I applied yesterday night. I had to cut my nails again (they grow too fast), but besides I haven’t done anything at all to my hands for over three weeks (ignored my cuticles, no cream, total disregard ;D)

This is a little bottle of anise green from H&M named “lime” (if you say so). I have a lot of greens because I love green, but I haven’t actually found or mixed a single one that was flattering to my skintone (and even worse now that I took a hint of colour). Time to give up?
You might notice that I applied some areas of matte topcoat. Because I haven’t had a bottle in a while, I suppose.

So products I used: Catrice 9 in 1 as base coat, two coats of H&M lime (it’s a bit gloopy and sheer), one coat of Catrice quick dry and high shine, partial coat of Artdeco mat effect. 


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