(Nearly) all my eyeshadows & blushes (+MAC haul)

Already last week I went on a depotting frenzy. To be honest, I hate singles. I never use them. Who even remembers how many singles they have and where they are stored? (even if I had them in drawers by colour). I always end up using my MAC palettes instead. I have 5 of the old model palettes and as I showed recently I had them full with inserts until recently.

So, I knew there would be casualties (in particular, the favourites always end up breaking) but I honestly don’t care. A bit of alcohol and they’re perfectly useful, I am only afraid of losing product, and I didn’t lose much. I must have depotted dozens of eyeshadows and blushes… until (inserts removed) nothing fit in my palettes anymore.

After thinking about my options (making my own, z palettes, MAC palettes, eBay or Alibaba stuff…) I decided to just hop into MAC and buy a few, at 10€ I honestly just can’t bother.

These are phone pictures because I also could not bother:

Both the double and the single palettes are 10€, and yeah ok the single has a window, but since I stack all my palettes on the side of my vanity anyway, perhaps I should have gotten two double ones. I got the six palette because it seems great for travelling, insert or not. But who am I kidding, I don’t travel? and if I do I bring a ton of makeup?

I also wanted to get more Matte2 eyeshadows because I hear they are being discontinued and I really like the formula. I said as much to the SA and turns out she was one of those with an equivocation sales style: “ah yes all the mattes are very pigmented -points to other mattes-“, “yes but I like this formula in particular”, “yes aren’t the mattes nice”, I “mean the matte2”, “it’s all the same”, “no, some are better than others, and now on the pans it doesn’t list the finish…”, “no it doesn’t”, “don’t you know them or have a list or something”, “no…”, “ok, then I guess I’ll Google it”… as I find none, I ask, can you check this and that for me, they’re not on display. So they actually had pans of Blanc Type and Copperplate in stock. Who knows what else they had, I was too frustrated by then so I just also picked up an Omega and called it a day… very helpful.

Anyhooow. I also got a backup for Rosa Centifolia lipstick from Yves Rocher, and a bunch of magnets (20) from the craft store. Oh boy, that was not enough!! Today it is a holiday and I cannot get more, some of my shadows are skidding dangerously inside the palettes.

A note on palettes: in fact my favourite palette system of all is… Artdeco. I like that the pans are square and with narrow edges (no wasted space), and they’re magnetic and snap in very nicely, with no wiggle room. They don’t seem to make very large palettes though. Love mine and love to… handle it honestly, although it’s glossy and gets lots of fingerprints. I use the bone shade nearly every time I wear makeup and have just hit pan… need backups!

So, some photos? I’m aware it’s a mess now. But it is practical, I expect more use out of many of these eyeshadows! I couldn’t bother to write all the names on top of the images so I numbered them instead:



On to the list. Greens:

  1. Kiko infinity 262
  2. Catrice Neo geisha LE, C04 planet Tokyo
  3. Biotherm Play on 100
  4. MAC Juxt
  5. TBS eye shimmers Emerald
  6. NARS Rated R (green)
  7. Sephora 44 picnic in the park
  8. MAC Velvet moss
  9. Milani Garden mist
  10. MAC Fiction
  11. MAC Casa blanca
  12. Kiko 107
  13. MUA 6
  14. Essence 60 Kermit says hello
  15. MAC Lucky green
  16. MAC Femme noir
  17. MAC Sumptuous Olive


  1. YR 61 vert canard
  2. Kiko infinity 274
  3. MAC Ingenue blue
  4. MAC Waternymph
  5. MAC Prose and fancy
  6. MAC Plumage
  7. MAC Parrot
  8. MAC A bluer blue*
  9. MAC Shimmermoss
  10. Nivea Chantal Thomass 90810188 (???)
  11. TBS 31 peacock green
  12. MUA 8
Greys, purples, blues.

Greys, purples, blues

  1. MUA 15
  2. MUFE 04
  3. MAC Bistro @
  4. MAC Typographic
  5. Kiko infinity 250
  6. MAC Copperplate
  7. MAC Garçon gray @
  8. TBS 15 pebble grey
  9. MAC Parisienne @
  10. MAC Thunder
  11. MAC Fig. 1
  12. MAC Dovefeather
  13. MAC Cobalt
  14. Catrice intensif’eye 030 vanilla sky ride (baked)
  15. KIKO infinity 284
  16. UD Roadstripe
  17. MAC Parfait amour
  18. MAC Tilt
  19. NARS Rated R (blue)


  1. MAC Peachykeen (blush)
  2. KIKO infinity 231
  3. MAC Well dressed (blush)
  4. MAC Seedy pearl @
  5. MAC Sushi flower
  6. MAC Bloomsberry (lilac)/Tigerlily (golden) (blush)
  7. TBS eye shimmers Copper
  8. MAC Passionate
  9. Milani Mango tango (blush)
  10. Essence 44 it’s up to you (reconstituted)
  11. MAC Mink pink
  12. MAC Soft heart §
  13. oops
  14. MAC Vapour
  15. MAC Buff-de-buff*
  16. MAC Frankly scarlet (blush)


  1. MAC Concrete
  2. MAC Showstopper §
  3. Inglot 460
  4. Kiko wet dry 07
  5. MAC Moth brown (Barbie)
  6. MAC Shale
  7. MAC Blurr*
  8. MAC Blanc Type
  9. MAC Performance §
  10. MAC Taupe note §
  11. MAC Embark
  12. MAC Rummy
  13. Lancôme Moonlight
  14. MAC Embark*
  15. MAC Soba
  16. MAC Omega
  17. MAC Nylon
  18. Payot Gris volcanique #
  19. MAC Vex
  20. Essence The velvets 01 fluffy clouds
  21. Essence The velvets 06 Mr. Mocca-bean
  22. Artdeco 3.208
  23. Artdeco 30.17
  24. Artdeco 30.372
  25. Artdeco 30.02
  26. Artdeco 313.68
  27. Artdeco 30.517
  28. Artdeco 313.24
Peach and orange.

Peaches and oranges

  1. Sephora 20 neon orange (blush)
  2. Stendhal Galata (blush) #
  3. Catrice 050 Apricot smoothie duo blush
  4. MAC Coppering
  5. MAC Sunplosion
  6. MAC D’bohemia
  7. MAC Cranberry*
  8. MAC Antiqued
  9. MAC Tantone (blush)
  10. T. LeClerc 05 Orange perlée (blush – reconstituted)
  11. MAC Firespot
  12. MAC Orange tangent
  13. Biotherm Play on 525
Yellow and golden.

The very sad yellow and golden palette

  1. Essence shading powder 01 light (bronzer/highlighter) – not sure this belongs here but it doesn’t fit elsewhere
  2. MAC Amber lights
  3. MAC Jest
  4. MAC Juiced
  5. MAC Goldmine
  6. Catrice 620 Inglorious mustards (:/)
  7. Essence 59 Copper island
  8. Essence 43 mystic lemon (reconstituted)
  9. MAC Tendermetal*
  10. MAC Chrome yellow
  11. Dior 385 Bronze Pompeï #

Some palettes, shadows and pressed pigments

  1. MAC Mi’Lady (mineralize)
  2. MAC pigments in an old Dior case (plus some lipstick): Vanilla, Provence, Coco, Coco Beach
  3. Dior 880 Gris VIP
  4. Essence quattro 10 me and my ice cream
  5. Pigments pressed into an old MAC quad: Essence 09, 19 (need glycerin, they’re flaking off), MAC Teal and Emerald
  6. MAC pigments in a palette: Maroon, Tan, Deckchair (plus some lipstick)
  7. MUA Going for gold
  8. MUA Pretty edgy. I took 3 shades off and replaced them with Essence shades.
  9. Essence All about vintage

So this is mostly everything, but I am missing a few things, some shadows, some highlighters, my Mineralize skinfinishes, pigments still not pressed…

# These are venerably ancient, we’re talking at least 80’s, possibly 70’s. They’re fantastic. I wonder if I will ever find anything as awesome as Gris volcanique, but I keep searching for the perfect taupe/grey/purple.

*Oh yes, I totally broke up the beautiful MAC Delights Warm palette. I basically bought it for A bluer blue, which is my favourite teal. Cranberry is great, and Blurr turned out to be very nice as well. Embark I already had, and Tendermetal and Buff-de-buff suck very hard, so yeah. Of course A bluer blue had to totally break, this was a very difficult palette to depot.

§ These are from the Liza AM quad, 2003

@ These are from the Tease me… quad, 2004

This got way too long. Swatches, perhaps, at a later time. Because that’s what this blog is about?


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