Inglot + Kiko haul

I’ve been looking at getting some Inglot eyeshadows, and as I was browsing the .nl website I saw there is actually a shop in Belgium! I thought it would be better to try them in person so yesterday I went to Hasselt to the Inglot store. I have to say this was a very disappointing visit! To drown my sorrows, I popped into the Kiko store and got a bunch of stuff!


I was expecting to find a wall covered in eyeshadows of all shades and textures, but instead I saw that there were… just a few eyeshadows (I’ve seen much larger collections on people’s YouTube videos…), and further at least half of those were missing from their spaces. The sales assistant informed me that they only just have a selection for Belgium (and I found the selection particularly dreadful – neither bright nor intense colours, and no interesting neutrals either, the type of bland colours I always have to pass on), and that they were expecting a shipment to restock. Further I lamented how there were so very few matte eyeshadows, and she told me people in Belgium like shimmers. Excuse me what is the point of this shop again? what a huge disappointment. They had none of the long list I had with me, I was fully prepared to buy 20 shades and a palette, but I left the store with one (1!) shadow -and frankly I am not crazy about it-, a bottle of Duraline and a Sigma brush. For some reason they had Sigma brushes and a small Anastasia counter. I was so deflated I even forgot to grab the palettes to check them out.
Big, big sigh! I’ll not be returning.


So on to Kiko I went. They had a sale and I picked up a bunch of items at 70% and 50% discount from the discount bins. I also got one eyeshadow from the regular shelves, and then I was chased off the shop by the absolutely dreadful and loud reggaeton music. There’s just so much I can take, about 10 minutes. It appears I am the target customer of exactly no-one.

I got 5 infinity eyeshadows from the click system that they appear to be discontinuing. I think this was released in 2013. Discontinuing a system like this just 3 years down the line shows some disregard towards your customer’s loyalty, I think… say what you want about MAC but it is more trustworthy than this.

I do use bright and warm brown eyeshadows now and then, probably not enough to justify the amount of them I have. Withing these, greens and teals get used more often because I like them a lot. I use black, darks and true neutrals (grey, taupes and warmer greys) the most, but don’t seem to have significantly more of those. This imbalance is perhaps what I wanted to correct on my visit to Inglot, where I planned to get a bunch of mostly matte neutrals.

I ended up getting 6 shadows at Kiko, 5 matte, but only one of them is neutral… I got 4 really nice matte brights and one metallic silver for 1,40€ each, at that price point I could not leave them behind – from the random selection left, only the brights were interesting. These are very large at 2g. Pity they’re round, which takes more space in palettes.

Still from discount bins, I also got a lipliner, and belonging to the recent fine art collection a weird eyeliner, a khol and a powder.

The neutral eyeshadow I got is from the high pigment wet and dry line.


Ok here we go. I know people like to swatch eyeshadows with one swipe only, but that’d be misleading on my extremely dry skin, believe me. These are two swipes on bare skin.

First impressions – I just swiped with fingers and as I said, my skin is very dry so the first impression might be a bit misleading:

Inglot DS 460: this one doesn’t seem particularly pigmented, but at least the small amount of sparkle doesn’t seem to fall off. I haven’t yet tried the Duraline nor the Sigma brush.

Kiko High Pigment 07 matte dark brown: the quality seems very nice, similar to the Artdeco long-wear wet and dry eyeshadows.

Kiko infinity eyeshadows: (231 sparkling amaranth (not sparkly), 250 mat grapes, 274 mat light sea blue, 262 mat green, 284 silver). These all seem good. Nicely pigmented, they glide well and I don’t think they’ll be patchy, and the silver is very metallic. I use metallics very rarely but for some reason I like to have them around >_<

Kiko velvet loose mineral beauty powder in very light: Ok, I’m not sure what the point of this is. In the box it says “silk-effect highlighting loose powder”. When I swatched it in the store I had a mess in my fingers and arm and I thought there was some sort of pearl to it, but now it seems like a load of chalk? The very scary orange shade in the packaging translates to nothing whatsoever on my skintone. I now look at the ingredients and it seems to be mica with some conditioning agents, minerals, and colorants. We’ll see…

The Automatic precision lipliner in 511 is very persistent, had to rub quite well with micellar water to remove it. I was hoping it would match Rebel and Aria and it very nicely does 🙂 it has a handy sharpener on one end, it sometimes annoys me how these automatic pencils are always so blunt, so perhaps it will get some use.

The Fine art pencil 03 is somewhere between a brown and a purply burgundy. They still had the nude I got recently, seeing it now at 1,70€ was slightly irritating ;p Pity they were out of the beautiful electric metallic blue.

I have to admit I got the Signature eye marker because I was curious… at least I was curious enough to pay 2,00€. The tip looks like hard plastic, with a curved, flattened small spatula shape. I guess the idea is to make it like a calligraphy pen, with which I have some experience, but the pen is too wide on the narrow sense to be able to use it that way (see my last image). I don’t think I’ll be able to draw fine lines with this one, and I hope it doesn’t bleed on the eyelids like it does on the dry skin of my arm. Again we’ll see.


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