NYX comparisons

I took a few comparison pictures of the NYX lipsticks I got recently with some other lipsticks I own. As a reminder I got these:

I don’t have a huge collection so these are for the greatest part not swatches in the search for dupes, but I find this type of swatch very helpful when I happen to have one of the shades pictured, anyway. On with the nudes.

As you can see I don’t have a lot of nudes. I have a few other that might qualify but they were a bit too far off. Circe is the only non-matte NYX lipstick I got, it is actually a bit glossy.
Butter looks like a brownish nude on the hand, but on the lips it has a definite grey cast to it (which I was looking forward to). I will post lip swatches soon.
Funnily enough, I think from these, Essence’s 11, the pinkiest on the swatch, makes me look most dead of all. It has a lot of white in it.

On to more fun waters, reds! I have tons of reds, but only picked out a few iconic MAC reds:

Eden is a gorgeous cool toned lipstick. Super flattering (I’m willing to bet, on any skin tone), super vibrant and pigmented. Get it! Here I compared it to Ruby Woo, Russian Red, and Ramblas Red which was a less known LE, but also has a cool base and is sheerer and glossier, I thought that might help show the texture. Eden is not even close to Ruby Woo in the matte department, but that might just be impossible to top 😉 The shade is closer to Russian Red, but may even be more vibrant (!) and a tad cooler.

Some other reds: NYX Sandman next to MAC Viva glam I, Dubonnet and Diva.
Sandman is more muted than the other three. I was hoping for a substitute for my absolutely ancient Dubonnet (shade wise) which I had to retire, but Dubonnet still has a bit more vibrancy. VGI is darker, Diva is darker, berrier and off in this group 😉

Magenta and grey!


Excuse the dreadful Aria/Rebel swatch, did I accidentally wipe some Rebel off? sigh. Will have to remake it. Edit: here it is:

Top: Kiko Automatic precision lipliner in 511, left: NYX Aria lipstick, right: MAC Rebel lipstick

These are similar but not quite. Rebel is warmer and a bit more muted (and glossier), it is more buildable/sheer-able (Aria goes on flat and opaque from the first swipe) and it is, I have to say, more flattering and wearable on the lips as well, where the differences are more pronounced.
Still, Aria is a great magenta, fun colour. These are the only two I have in this colour family and I’m glad I have both.

On with Haze. How could I swatch Haze? the closest I have is these MAC blacks from a while back. I think it is more pigmented than either! probably thanks to the white in it. Black knight is truly neutral, Midnight media veers towards a greyish purplish, and next to them Haze almost looks blueish, but you’d never say if you swatch it alone, it looks very neutral.

On to my biggest swatch failure: Street Cred and Up the bass. I have nothing even remotely close in my lipstick collection. Dark Era is only slightly less disastrous. These haphazard swatches ensued:


Oops. I don’t even know what I was thinking when I added Street Cred to my cart. In my defence I thought it had more vibrancy and less white in it, but oh boy. It is almost clown barf neon pastel. It may get donated to a friend who expressed interest…

Up the bass is unique! closest to my Kiko 522 black cherry in hue if not intensity (and the Kiko wears terribly, unfortunately), it has a good dose of white in it though! opaque and greyish. A perfect bruise colour? 😉 Dark era is also a lot more muted and blue than my ancient darkest two: the venerable Diva and even ancient-er Bourjois 24 violine pour divines.

I hope that’s not too unhelpful 😉 I’ll update with the review once I’ve gotten more wear out of these.


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