Ok, enough with the easy colours:

This is a shade I mixed myself, when my hair was orange.  That was years ago and of course  have no idea what I mixed anymore. I wanted the perfect warm brown to match my roots, I suppose I was going for some sort of monochrome thing, although perhaps in retrospect this colour makes a better contrast with my current teal hairtips?

As a base coat I used a very old but unused bottle of Catrice nail expert french whitener in 020 french white, which was my favourite base back then. As a top coat my usual Catrice quick dry and high shine.

Let’s see if this prompts me away from the greys and neutrals I’ve been using for my eyes. Orangey shades are in fact flattering, since they bring out the green in my hazel olive eyes.

My cuticles are again a mess (and as usual worse on my right hand which is not pictured). This goes to show me that actually using the cuticle remover a minimum of three times a week does indeed make  huge difference and breaks my vicious cuticle cycle. If only now I can develop a habit…


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