#7 & #8, corpse ombre

I have mixed feelings. It is the first time I do an ombre paint job using a sponge, and I failed at it. On the other hand I really like the colour scheme, because I’m a bit of a goth:

I applied the translucent white as a base coat, then feathered one layer of the greige on top. The shades are Catrice 330 absolutely chinchilly & essence 03 true FRENCHship (<I always have to eyeroll at that one). Then I dipped a flat bit of latex makeup sponge on two large drops of the colours and tapped away. There’s also a couple of layers of top coat (Catrice quick dry & high shine).

I think the fact that one polish is translucent and the other opaque did not help with the blending, so it’s patchy – but I very strongly dislike opaque whites so I wouldn’t like that either, way too stark. Also, too late, I realised the sponge begins to degrade after a while and I got some little bits of it on my nails :S I filed some away as it dried but huge MEH.

So, I don’t know if I’m allowing myself to use these two again, since I used two at a time? feels like cheating, though. What I’d do different is to apply at least two coats of the white, feather some of the greige, then only use that one with the sponge to make a gradient. Mixing them doesn’t work very well.

Maybe I’ll try again.


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