“Boyfriend Explains What Makeup Is”

My blog is pretty new and I’ve never done any of these tag things, but these were funny to read, and I really needed a pick me up this afternoon. My BF was very gracious to accept, and cheer me up it did, we were cracking up! Tip of the hat to thelifeofkristyn’s post and agirlrecommends’ post.

So without further ado:

BB Cream: Breast and buttocks cream? Don’t know what for.
Ahahah. Heard something similar before 😉 

Primer: What you put under the seconder? I mean, come on, that’s clear, it’s the same with paint, with makeup, and… that movie.
What??? ahaha.

Foundation:  Come on, I know what a foundation is, it’s what you put under your makeup, to even out your skin or whatever.

Concealer: *shrugs* It’s clear, not? It conceals things. Like imperfections in your skin.

Powder: A very small grained substance. With particles smaller than sand but bigger than dust… ok. It’s what you put on your face to look white. Although that’s also stupid because it could be red or black powder…

Brow Gel: Gel for your brow? What else can it be? Gel for your eyebrows? Then it would be eyebrow gel.
*I explain to him that in fact on the tube I’d most likely say “eyebrow gel”*
To keep them in place, like your hair, right?

Eye Shadow: It’s some sort of powder you put between your eyes and your eyebrows, to make your sockets look deeper than they are. That’s why it’s called an eye shadow, and not an eye light or an eye shiny.
Loved this answer! it’s so true, is it not? :>

Eyeliner: All these words are self explanatory. It’s a marker to put lines around your eyes. Lipstick: it’s a stick for your lips!

Mascara: It’s just paint for your eyelashes. Its self-explanatory name should be Lashpaint.

Corrector: *laughs* It corrects… things *laughs*. Could be anything. Tippex is a corrector. No, that one is an eraser, it’s not correct again until you write over it. So this assumes that whatever it’s covering is wrong.
Getting philosophical here.

Contour: The edge surrounding something. You can make contours around anything. Around your lips, your eyes, whatever fake pimples you want to put on (???!?). The name doesn’t actually say what it’s contouring.

Blush: To make you blush. Powder that gives you a fake blush.

Bronzer: A powder that gives you a fake brown. It may be a grease instead of a powder. Actually bronzers look very greasy to me.
I have to agree that is sometimes the case!

Highlighter: Puts highlights on, which is… lighter spots on a darker background. To make it look like you are shiny.
Hahahha 😀

Setting Spray: *laughs* Whaat? What can it be setting and why does it have to be a spray?? Is a spray that maybe you put after your makeup? I don’t know why. To settle it? To blur the edges?
I have to admit it eludes me as well!

Lip Liner: to make a CONTOUR around your lipstick.

And I just had to add one of my own. I needed to know what he would say to this!

Beauty blender: I’m thinking of Hannibal. A beauty blender? No. That’s a silly name. Could be anything. A blender to blend your makeup? Your powder?
Heheh ;D


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  1. He’s a genius! Brilliant answers!

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    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      I also think he’s a genius, but I think I may be biased ;D

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  2. Ahhh I love all of his answers! Way too funny!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      We were laughing so hard! It was great that he also found the exercise to be fun.


      1. Oh I am glad 🙂

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