Femme Fatale Cosmetics – eyeshadows

Bone dust, fire opal, crystal guardian, cloud kingdom, floating gems, marauders, nexus, demon soul, golem and puzzle. Keywords from an RPG game? no, my first Femme Fatale Cosmetics loose eyeshadow order 🙂 love the names! on to the pics:

I looked at tons of swatches online (of course including FFC’s ones), and read reviews, before ordering these. I ordered two stacks, 5 light and 5 dark. I took 4 grey based darker shades since I am so into grey lately, plus one blue – I thought it was more teal. The lights are a bit of everything. I ran a line of Essence pigment eye base on my arm and swatched over it and extended it to the bare skin below. The base makes a big difference, to some eyeshadows more than others. I also tested them over a chunky black kohl, over which some shades also look very different.

On to the lights. Click here for the full size image of the large swatch.

Bone Dust looks very chalky on the swatch. I was really looking forward to it so I was temporarily disappointed. I tried it on my eyelid though, and it looked great! Fire opal also looks very nice as a highlight on the cheekbone. I also tried Floating Gems, but that was a little over the top!

On to the darks. Oh they’re so nice! Click here for the full size image of the large swatch.

Marauders is, well, quite blue! but with no primer the black base really comes through. Nexus has quite a duochrome thing going on. Golem is more of a regular metallic. I was very much looking forward to Puzzle, and it is awesome! I did overblend it a bit over the primer though. Demon soul is really nice too.

I think all of these actually look better with no primer, at least not such a sticky primer. And I’m not a fan of the effect on a dark base, it is too… jewel toned.

I’m so looking forward using these in the next days :))


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather L says:

    Love FF!! Great Review and Swatches!! I need to make an order soon, it’s been way to long.


    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      They’re so special you almost want to use each on their own 🙂


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