#4, fail! more or less

Ok, so #3 did not last long… on Sunday I moved sandy bricks around which scuffed and scratched the polish, that was very harsh. Then some more gardening and household tasks, and by Wednesday it just had to go. It was also quite grown out (I applied it too far from the cuticles).

So, today it’s #4… and it’s an UGH.

Essence no make-up look, 01 powdery rose, with indeed, the polish scratched off one nail

I went for a nude polish since my nails are getting to a stage I do not like: too short to shape them but too long to be cute and square. This is just not me. With nude polish (or nothing on) they sort of disappear.

I used a relatively recent bottle, it must be a few months old and it is still available. Essence no make-up look, 01 powdery rose. This “powdery” finish is a translucent, velvety matte.

I went for one to three coats of the 9in1 Catrice base coat, and one layer of 01 powdery rose. Over the base coats it drags and streaks (not so on bare nails, see below). So no top coat.
I have different degrees of ridges-ness on my nails, and that’s why I applied more base coats on some nails. The base coat is also translucent creamy like, and it intensified the chalky streaks. The polish did not really dry in any case (after +1,5h). It is worse on the nails with three coats, but I could scratch the polish off all of them. 

YUCK. One coat of base on the index finger, two or three on the rest.


Now, FOR SCIENCE, here comes one coat of this polish on top of nothing:

Essence no make-up look, 01 powdery rose, one coat on bare nails

I am not a super fan, but it is decent. It conceals the yellowing (compare the middle finger in the image above), but it accentuates the ridges, particularly in my disastrous ring finger. More coats are out of the question since it becomes chalky and the ridges are RIDGES. On bare nails it applies evenly. The finish is allright. I’ll leave it be, but I’ll report back if more disasters occur.

So, if you have smooth nails, give it a go. Skip the base coat.

Edit 5 days later: one layer of nail polish really doesn’t wear very well. Too thin to chip, but it just wears off the tips and the ridges. This one also picked up a blue tinge from my acid hair dye… ugh.


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