MAC palettes

Yesterday I passed by the MAC store looking for a greyish brown for the brow. I mostly use a mix of Soba, Rummy and Showstopper, and wanted something lighter than Rummy but darker than Soba. I got Concrete.


This led me to rearrange my palettes, of course ;°) so I took some pictures and put the names on top. I think I got my first MAC eyeshadow around 2003 (it was Beauty Marked which is not easy to work with for a beginner… it may actually suck. I sold it). I don’t know which of my current shades is oldest, but some are very old indeed! It’s fun to see how the collection evolves, so I like to take a photo and make a list every few years.

Many of these shades were from limited editions, I think others have been discontinued. When I go into swatching them I’ll look at that in more detail.

So, currently I have 4 eyeshadow palettes, and one blush palette, all the old type. A handful of these are not MAC but fit in the holes and there they ended up.

More on these soon!


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