I haven’t had a look in there for a while, and it can get a little out of hand. I rarely get backups, but it happens. If I really love something and it is (likely to get) discontinued, and also sometimes when it is heavily discounted or very cheap…

So this is what I found:

Not too disastrous, the only slip is that I have two backups of YR 72. Rose hâlé lipstick and I thought I had one. And well, the ages old slip of buying a ton of Bésame… here I have a pencil (khol/beige, had forgotten I had this one) and a gloss (406 crystal glaze) both of which I apparently bought in 2008 when they had a huge sale and everything was very cheap. The gloss looks fine and I guess the pencil is too, but all the lipsticks I got smell super rancid 😦 and so I don’t have them in my backup bag…

Other lipsticks are the Essence 08 be happy sheer red, MAC Eager (got with back to MAC, my current Eager is on it’s last legs), and Kiko 404 Caramel beige, which has been discontinued (I love it, I carry one in my bag always and have another in my vanity, so that’s three with this one).

There’s two sheer lipliners, my first one was Mary Kay Lip outliner, I bought a bunch of those and went through them, there’s this one still left, but I think it’s also gone rancid… my current substitute is Essence lipliner 13 transparent which is most excellent and can be used to line on the outside also, I have three as well (backup, vanity, bag – should get more, these are less than 1,5 euro… and I love and need sheer liners due to bleeding issues).

Face products I have a bottle of YR peau parfaite BB cream in Light (before it got SPF), a bottle of Bourjois healthy mix 51 light vanilla (since it was discounted), and two compacts of the super cheap Essence shading powder in 01 light – I really like this one! I don’t expect it to last too long in the lineup.

I only found two eyeshadows which is quite impressive ;P my once total crush MAC Casa blanca, which is a lightly frosty creamy-vanilla shade that looks awesome with greens. I wear tons of green eyeshadow when my hair is warm toned (orange, red, auburn etc). It was LE… I also have a backup of Essence the velvets 04 you’re the greytest, which is pretty nice. I broke mine up to put in a palette, so got another.

That’s it. I’m kind of proud of my restraint over the years ;P


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