A quickie

With craptastic pictures, but I want to have this for future reference, and it will suffice. Yesterday I went to the local drugstore to get some things. I don’t think I can go there and not come back with some Cosnova or other… and it is difficult to feel guilty at this price point.

another… mini haul?

I wanted to have a look and get some of the new Catrice Stylo eyeshadow pen and Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner waterproof. I saw swatches I liked at Mateja’s. She links to good swatches of the whole range at the very end of her post. In all three places there’s good swatches so I am not going to bother, but I may post later about performance. I got Essence’s 05 I’m blue (it’s grey though) and 06 she’s got the mauve (which is an awesome… taupe – are you blind, people?). The Stylos were a little too glittery for my taste, and I really, REALLY wanted to get Ick bin ein Pearliner just because of the name, HOW AWESOME IS THAT! but I’m not wowed by the shade/glitter at all. BUT. It may happen another time. Anyhow. I got 060 in the taupe ten which indeed, this time, is a taupe, veering purple. I just love this type of shade (a post on this coming soon – but I may need to get some others from my wishlist first!).

Now… ALL the 06 she’s got the mauve where totally smushed at the top (and so were the majority of the pencils on display, testers or not). Now this is bad enough, but this is actually the second store I go to looking for these – in two different cities, and the first time around I found the exact same situation and bought nothing. Either these caps don’t close very well (you really have to push to hear a click, dunno if they then fall off) and/or the customers are all too nosy and clumsy as fuck, or they fall in transit? I am not gonna keep on hunting for these cheapos, so I just got the least worse off and just wiped it… the blue/grey was fine, one of them anyway.
There was a 50% off on the second Essence item (and I got 4 items) so everything was particularly cheap…


There also was a 25% discount on Bourjois items so I got a backup healthy mix 51 (I’m really liking it a lot) and a concealer (more below). I also got a backup for Essence 08 be happy lipstick which is a near perfect sheer red. Medieval‘s got nothing on me, I’ve been hunting for these since I was… 12 – that a is a long time ago. My aunt gifted me a sheer Avon lipstick that was bright red in the tube and super sheer, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Best so far have been MAC’s Shhh (which was of course a LE – and on top of that I have misplaced it D:) and this little gem for pennies. I have no idea if it is a dupe for Medieval and I am not gonna know any time soon since I’m not spending that amount of money on a super sheer lipstick just yet.


What remains to mention is my 4th Essence, I just grabbed a mascara which covered my arm hair nicely (that’s how I do it) Forbidden volume false lash mascara top coat. Now what? is this a mascara to use on false eyeleshes?? what it says on the back is just that it is a fibre based black topcoat. It has a skinny brush. There was another regular mascara in this line but this one did much better on the little hairs. We’ll see.

And, I got a little tube of Bourjois Healthy mix radiance & anti-fatigue concealer in 51 light. Seems light enough indeed. I will report back… I’ve always had a very hard time with undereye concealer.

Last but most definitely not least, I got two bottles of my micellar water of choice:


Now I have not tried the Bioderma, and I can’t get bothered either. Active ingredient in both (and in most I think) is Poloxamer 184 and these things are most definitely not rocket science. So my white brand, Kruidvat Sensitive 0% micellair water, is absolutely stellar, removing all makeup quickly and painlessly, no stinging whatsoever in the eye. It even removed greasy residue off my porous bathroom tiles when I spilled body butter, and teal dye off my face and fingers from acid hair dye!

These retail around the €2,5 mark (-20% discount today too) for 250ml. If you have access to a Kruidvat drugstore -now you know my secret- don’t walk, run to get some of these. I’m stockpiling because the sad fate of all brilliant drugstore products is discontinuation.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Poloxamer 184, Panthenol, Cestrum Latifolium Leaf Extract, Boswellia Serrata Gum Extract, Butylene Glycol, Allantoin Decyl Glucoside, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate. 

This ended up longer than I expected…

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