Light coloured eye pencils

Just 6

This is a random selection of 6 light coloured eye pencils. I mean, that is all I have, and it is random because that’s just how life is ;P There’s 4 matte and 2 shimmer shades. As I said before I like to keep my makeup collection small. Otherwise it’s too overwhelming and I feel wasteful (I have too many hobbies and things EVERYWHERE pile up fast!)

I generally don’t darken my lower waterline/lid, I don’t think it suits me – I’ll still do it if it suits the look though. I started trying to wear a light pencil on the lower waterline in the 90s, but all that was available to me back then was stark white, which looks quite terrible. Over the years I encountered, got and kept these 6. On to the…


I grouped them by twos. First the light ones: I do in fact have a white pencil, an inexpensive, basic Essence (kajal pencil 04 white). It’s actually not too bad as these things go. It’s just a basic that I like to keep around just in case, and I’ll admit to occasionally using it to divide my legs into areas to cover with my Lumea… next is a twist up from Bésame cosmetics, Beige in the duo khol/beige (that is, black/beige). This is many years old now (it smells waxy*) and doesn’t seem available anymore. It is not beige but a very light creamy yellow. I actually think it works very well for my skintone for some reason, it is brightening without being harsh. Anyway, when it’s gone it’s gone… it is dual ended so there isn’t much product. I obviously haven’t used it a lot, still have 2cm left.

On to the next group, the shimmery ones. First is d’Orleac 203 khol, which appears to be a Spanish pro brand, I bought this pencil in a local (Belgium) hairdressers supply where they had a display, I think it was rather inexpensive at around €4. This is actually a very nice and buttery champagne beige with intense pearl, and the pencil has a foamy smudger on the other extreme – the pencil looks more expensive than it is. Due to the pearl, it’s quite brightening but still not nearly as harsh as white.  Next to it I swatched MACs Buttery eye khol, which was sadly discontinued. My pencil is cracked and taped since my cat likes to eat pencils. This was the first light pencil I was really happy with, and I’ve had it for ages (+10y), the texture has become a bit crumbly but it can be worked with. The shade is pretty weird, a pearly beige/taupe/ivory. This one is not as pearly as the d’Orleac, which looks much lighter as a swatch, but very close, near dupes when worn on the waterline.

And last, the nudes. Aiming for my skintone obviously (N10 up to NC15). First my new Kiko fine art pencil 01. This is very, very light, and pink based (NW05?), and it actually has a small amount of pink glitter which is invisible in the waterline (I don’t think you’d see it as eyeliner either). Not a great fan of it worn, it’s too light and a bit harsh. I don’t know why I bought it, since the next swatch, MACs studio chromagraphic pencil in NC15/NW20 I also find too harsh, even though it is darker than my skintone most of the time. Brain fart? When I mix both of these I do get my skintone. I’ve used the MAC for other purposes around the face, but I wouldn’t use both mixed for the face, due to the Kiko’s glitter. Small amount but no glitter in face, thanks.

So in the end, worn for their original intended purpose (brightening the lower waterline) I like Bésame Beige, d’Orleac 203 and Buttery best!


*I am not sure if it’s gone slightly rancid or it was always like this. I’ve had very bad luck with Bésame cosmetics. I fell hard for them back when the line launched and I bought nearly everything. The formulations seem indeed vintage, all the lipsticks are now rancid and unusable. I am spoiled by modern formulations that last ages (which is great if you have more than one lipstick you use up fast…) and well, I’m not happy with these at all.


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