Kiko mini haul

Ok granted, all my “hauls” are mini  😀 I try to keep my makeup collection small. Haha. But yes, I do.

This afternoon I passed by Kiko and after agonising for a while and testing several things several times in different ways, I got three things, a Fine Art Eye Pencil in 01 (this is LE), a Pearly Eye Base (which is champagne – well, my skintone really) and a Cream Crush in shade 04 (which is taupe).

I have a wishlist of cosmetics in my google keep, when I see a swatch online that I like I put it there, and hopefully I can check it out myself before I buy it. Otherwise I look at tons of swatches and agonise a lot  😉 I had a few things under “Kiko”, of course.

Of the things I had in my list I decided to only get the cream eyeshadow. Tested a few wet and dry eyeshadows, particularly I’d like to find a bone coloured matte that is not too chalky, but that may be an impossible task (if you have a recommendation I’m all ears). I’m very picky with eyeshadows because I consider I already have too many, so I didn’t get any.
I saw that one of my favourite lipsticks has been sadly discontinued, of course… luckily I have 3.

I was testing the regular eyeshadow base and the pearly one under different shadows and I found the pearly performed better. It is indeed pearly but it doesn’t come through too much when a matte eyeshadow is put on top. Good price for the amount (€6,90 – 10ml).
The pencil I just liked, although I have to stop buying nude eye pencils. This one was a bit pricier for a pencil (€5,90 getting spoiled by Cosnova, I know). The Cream Crush was also €6,90.

I quickly swatched these on my arm, I’ll update after I’ve used them a while. Perhaps some comparisons in the near future.


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