Week old nail polish, and a challenge

Red carpet, a week later

Last week I posted some pictures wearing Catrice’s Ultimate nail lacquer in 17 Caught on the red carpet. Yesterday, Saturday, 7 days later, I took some more photos:

As you can see, I am NOT easy on my nails! and by extension not easy on my hands…

I did some heavy gardening (wearing gloves when I remembered to) over the weekend, washing up (never gloves for that), etc while wearing this nail polish (in combination with the base/top coats mentioned in the linked post. Quite impressive. It only started chipping on the tips on Friday during another gardening session. It did get scratched too, never underestimate the hardness of grains of sand! It looked very decent all throughout the work week, decidedly sparkly during the first days. Thumbs up!

Today, I took on a task I’ve been absolutely dreading for a loong time…

I get some temporary insanity every now and then when I want to paint my nails in a million different colours, but let’s say 1/3 of the time I just stick to black, a classic red (see above) or some sort of nude. And then the remaining +1/3 of the time I don’t feel like wearing anything at all. I’m just coming out of one of these periods, a particularly long one, for some reason, dreading opening the nail polish box to find every damn thing spoiled… so much so that last week I bought some new nail polishes without even bothering to open the box, so sure was I there would be nothing to salvage (and decided to keep it small this time, black-red-nude). Well I was wrong!

So, I opened the drawer and took out my nail polish boxes. A big cookie tin and a small cardboard box. I am slightly embarrassed of the amount of bottles I have, particularly since I have not been using them…

Well, I opened every bottle and tested them. Some were too dried out even to test. Some were gunky. The majority were just fine!

I have several brands, but the biggest proportion are Catrice, of varying ages, some years old. SEVERAL years old. These were ALL perfect! I’m really impressed!
Another large portion are older Essence bottles, and these are also all fine, even though many are very old. I have three more recent Essence bottles (in the bottle with colour coded cap) and they are still useable but the quality on these is lower and they haven’t aged as well as the others. I have a few very, very old (2005 or 2006?) Schlecker brand “basic” tiny bottles which are just fine! There’s a couple of old (+3 years) Kiko which are perfect as well. No other brands I can particularly praise, some are still fluid but I suspect barely useable, I will give them a last chance.

I have the bad habit of mixing nail polishes, either to make the shade/texture I want, or because the original formula sucks and I hope to improve it by mixing it with something better, which normally results in a mediocre nail polish 😉 but hey, it’s fun. A lot of these mixes have survived. I think the majority of them have either some Catrice or Essence in them 😉


So, here’s the thing. I’m gonna try to wear a different polish every week, and try to not buy any new ones (may need to get top coats or so though). I’ll say upfront, I’m pretty bad at this sort of thing, but I’ll try anyway. I am most definitely in a black-red-nude mood but I’ll try to get in the spirit of the… colour… thing.

Not counting base/top coats, 84 (jesus!) nail polishes have survived. I was hoping on less than 52 to make it a year 😦 There were 21 casualties. This is gonna be hard, let me tell you 😀 plus there’s some horrid browns and a bright yellow there, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking… oh yeah, I had orange hair. SIGH.
There’s also a few greens left, though most have gone, I hope it’s the ones that stained my nails forever even through a million base coats.

I also like the Catrice bottles the best since they’re a cylinder and they stay perfectly upside down unlike basically all the other bottles!

Now the small cardboard box has the top and base coats that didn’t fit in the big box (just 5 bottles) and nail files and such.

Ok, let’s take it one at a time. Or a few at a time, I feel free to use two or more at once 😉 I asked my boyfriend to say one colour at random, he said emerald green, so I am wearing and old Essence:

Multi dimension 3 in 1 nail polish, with XXXL shine , shade 53: all access. 

I think this one must have been from around 2010! It is NOT shiny, it needs a top coat for that. It has a nice amount of pearl, very pigmented (could leave it at one coat but I am wearing two) and a great colour. This one I can tell has gotten lots of love since I had to tilt the bottle a lot to get enough on the brush. It’s on its last legs (thank goodness).

I’m wearing the same top and base coat than last week: 9 in 1 nail elixir & Quick dry & high shine top coat (both Catrice as well).

I’m wearing black on my toes, let’s not get too crazy here to begin with 😉


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