Bourjouis Healthy mix foundation

Fifth and last of my series of reviews of foundations I currently have around. See group post here with comparison pictures, also with links to the other reviews. For reference I must be around NC10.

Bourjouis radiance reveal healthy mix foundation in shade 51 light vanilla.

After all the raves I picked up the lightest shade in the drugstore.

Shade: Pretty good match, excellent for a drugstore brand (or should I say, drugstore brands -at least locally- have such an abysmal shade selection that this seems better than it actually is, very pale people will not find a match, I think there should be at least one shade lighter than me available!). All said, it is a nearly perfect match for me at this time of year, which is about the middle of my seasonal range. The shade will be too peachy for me in winter, if I’m being picky.

Texture and application: This is absolutely worth the hype. It is liquid and it feels like a moisturiser, blends evenly, with a medium coverage that can be built somewhat and sometimes I don’t bother with extra concealer under eyes or anywhere (but I’d need to if I really wanted to conceal since I have various discolorations). Natural finish. Let me repeat: NATURAL finish. It feels breathable and like wearing moisturiser, very comfortable. On me the finish is satin-matte, just like my skin. It can catch on flaky bits, of which I sometimes still have some on my eye area.

Wear: Fantastic, all day wear.

Packaging: glass bottle and nice controllable pump. I am not sure the glass is necessary. It makes the bottle heavy and can only just break. That’s a matter of taste I suppose.

Scent: Fashionably fruity. I do not like to smell like a fruit salad. Fortunately it fades quickly.

Rating: 4 out of 5. At 14 euro for 30ml, I consider it very affordable.


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  1. After using this for a while I’ve found the dewyness has gone and it’s going quite an orange shade x


    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      Have you had the bottle for long? mine is still the same, I think. I haven’t noticed the shade changing, and the texture is still the same. Is yours exposed to light or heat?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope ,I’ve had the bottle for about 5 months it’s nearly finished. I think it’s bad to say a foundation is suppose to last twelve x


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