Etude House Stay up foundation

Fourth of my series of reviews of foundations I currently have around. See group post here with comparison pictures, also with links to the other reviews. For reference I must be around NC10.

Etude House Stay up foundation in shade Ivory

This one has been a disappointment 😦

Shade: The match is pretty good. Pale and neutral-yellow undertone. It is the yellowest of all foundations I am reviewing, but on the face I can barely tell.

Texture and application: Here its where it goes awry. This one goes streaky. It also accentuates any dry spots and flakiness more then the others. The coverage is light to medium and not buildable (more streakiness ensues if you try). It just slides about, no matter if you use fingers or blend with a brush. I have not tried sponge, a brush already seems very wasteful with liquid foundation, and I find sponges icky. It may be incompatibility with my moisturiser (Eucerin replenishing/smoothing face cream), but this is non-negotiable since it is one of the creams that gave me my face back.

It doesn’t seem to ever set on its own. I haven’t waited a long time, but I am not willing to do that in the morning when I do my makeup, so I just set it with powder… I’d say the finish is satin with a bit of glow, but I must set to matte because otherwise it budges too much. Perhaps I am just not into the dewy thing even in small doses.

The issue could also be my dry skin type, although this seems counter-intuitive. The texture seems drying and slithery at the same time, though. I don’t think the coverage can be built up much in any case.

Wear: It lasts several hours but not all day, it does fade.

Packaging: I find the packaging super cute. Quite small at 25g, the nozzle bottles are colour-coordinated to the shades, and despite what it might seem in the photos, the cap is not black but very dark, glossy grey, which I think is very elegant. It fits very nicely in the hand and I am very disappoint 😦

Scent: Classic powdery and persists for a while. Can bother some people.

Rating: 2,7 out of 5. It may work better for others. I got this one on eBay for around €10 with free shipping from Korea. Since I am not really liking it, I find it pricy for the tiny bottle.


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