Skin79 super BB

3/5 of my series of reviews of foundations I currently have around. See group post here with comparison pictures, also with links to the other reviews. For reference I must be around NC10.

Skin79 super BB in Green and Orange

I got these and the Etude House foundation (review coming next) on eBay directly from Korea. I’ve been very curious about Korean BB creams for a while and now that I can use them I decided to get some. After perusing tons of reviews and swatches I decided for these three. So on to the Skin79 ones. I find the performance of Green and Orange about equal, so the only difference between these is the shade. Let me thank Nocturnem’s makeupalley’s review and swatches of these which were very helpful to me.

I can already say that these are very good and they have SPF 30 to boot!

Shade: Green is very pale and very neutral, almost ashy. This is about perfect for me in winter. I got them both at the beginning of spring and Green was starting to be a little too pale, but still perfectly wearable. Now in May, a few intensive sessions of gardening later (mostly while wearing these with their SPF 30 – I’m still hunting for an SPF, that’s a post for another day), Orange is a better match. It is still very pale, but a bit deeper and with a yellow undertone. When I colour, I do get a slightly warmer hue so it is now better than green – a mix of both is perfect, but I can rarely bother. Orange will be a perfect match in the middle of summer.

Texture and application: The texture is thick and creamy, it blends perfectly with fingers, and the coverage is medium, but buildable to rather high! Why these are called BBs and not foundations with SPF escapes me, marketing I suppose. The finish is satin-matte and they set pretty well on their own. I tend to powder a bit the nose and forehead out of habit. They do not crease even when used as concealer under the eyes. They can transfer to your phone and so on though, setting helps with this, but on the other hand seems like overkill due to the finish looking allright as it is… that’s the SPF I suppose.

Wear: These wear super well. At the end of a long day, they look nearly the same!

Packaging: Fancy pump bottles. I see they’re nice enough but I do not find them attractive personally, since they’re very modern ;P I can’t tell how much is in there but they look rather big. I am not used to grams in cream cosmetics, these are marked 50g. It must be at the very least the typical 30ml, probably quite a bit more. The only downside is that you can’t see how much product is left, but I suppose the packaging is intentionally protecting the product from light exposure. One full pump is almost too much for my entire face, eye area included, but the pump can be controlled.

Scent: Floral, it fades after a while.

Rating: 4,5 out of 5. Orange was $16,84 and Green $18,03 direct from Korea on eBay, with free shipping. Very fair price.


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