Mehron Celebré HD PRO cream foundation

Second of my series of reviews of foundations I currently have around. See group post here with comparison pictures, also with links to the other reviews. For reference I must be around NC10.

Mehron Celebré HD PRO cream foundation, shades LT1 and LT3

Shade: I used to have LT1 years ago, and it was too light but I still used it. I normally just go ahead and buy the lightest shade in a range since often even that one will be too dark, but in this case I was wrong! Always refreshing 😉

So this time I got LT1 and LT3. I thought when I get paler in winter I can mix some LT1 into LT3, or use it as a highlight. LT1 really is VERY light! for all you out there who cannot find a pale enough shade, try this one! The shade selection is impressive, there is a shade for everyone.

LT1 & 2 are quite neutral, which is perfect for me. LT3 is still very pale and it looks like, SPF notwithstanding, all the gardening ahead of me this summer will darken my skin perhaps a bit too much to wear it. I am very pale but of southern european descent, and my skin is thick and colours easily. As you can see I have not used LT1 very much. I find a very pale concealer (even paler, yes! I use Kryolan, I’ll post about it at some point) works better to use in this way as a matte, cream highlighter. It is nice to have in case some day I want to go Total Snow White.

Texture and application: I love the texture of these. The coverage is buildable and the finish flawless, melting into the skin, and it blends into nothingness like a dream. I can be sheered out with a dense brush (or I suppose a sponge, but sponges make me cringe) and it can also be layered to a truly impressive coverage that looks like skin.

My skin is a combination of normal and dry, but I keep it moisturised, and always apply my Eucerin Smoothing face creme before makeup. As such I don’t have issues with flakes or dry areas. I have no idea how it might perform on oilier skin, it might just slide off. Although I normally apply foundation with fingers, for some reason I apply this one with a brush (a flat, dense synthetic, MUA F9). The finish is satin, and I thoroughly set it with powder, which I think is necessary with this type of foundation. Let me be clear that this is heavy makeup and you feel it.

Wear: It tends to magically disappear after many hours (+8) though, but in a very elegant manner 😉 Setting helps. I find it perfect for a more special kind of occasion and I do not wear it often at all. Brush application and everything it feels like I have to put more effort into it.

Packaging: very basic, round screw top plastic, correct and functional. Not very hygienic I suppose, but I don’t see how else to present such a thick cream texture.

Scent: None what-so-ever!

Rating: These get a 4 out of 5. Perhaps they should get more due to the impressive shade selection! I got them on eBay from the US, shipped for €23,75 both. Pretty good since they have a huge amount of product.


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