Yves Rocher peau parfaite 6 in 1 BB crème

1/5 in my series of reviews of foundations I currently have around. See group post here with comparison pictures, also with links to the other reviews. For reference I must be around NC10.

Yves Rocher peau parfaite 6 in 1 BB crème, shade Light

NOTE: I have the tube with the old packaging with the leaves on it, they still seem to carry this product with different packaging, and I have not tried this new version, which apparently now has SPF 20. Right after trying it I bought a backup tube. Now that I got a few other foundations, I do hope I get to the point I use up both!

Shade: Shade Light matches my skin tone very well, which is quite something considering the narrow colour selection (Light, Medium, Dark) – I don’t find a shade light enough in most lines available locally, for example I bought a tube (sealed, no tester) of the lightest available shade of l’Oreal Nude Magique BB and it was way, WAY too dark, so I gave it to a friend (no photo!).

I’m neutral toned and this shade is neither yellow nor pink, it looks a bit ashy when it comes out of the tube.

Texture and application: This is basically a tinted moisturiser (everyone wants to jump in the BB bandwagon, but this version doesn’t even have SPF). I’ve read some reviews mentioning issues with greasiness (< not sure what version that was!). I have normal to dry skin and it is really great.

It is undetectable on me, and it applies evenly (I always apply moisturiser before I put on makeup). It evens out the skintone a bit, and that’s all since it is a very sheer product. It is now fading, but due to my skin problems around my eyes I had some serious discoloration when I started wearing this. This BB cream did nothing for that, of course. A concealer was necessary.

Wear: Difficult to tell since it’s so sheer. There’s still stuff when I clean it up at the end of the day.

Packaging: A simple squeeze tube, which is fine.

Scent: Very noticeable, makeup rosy/violet thing with perhaps a hint of fruit? fades.

Rating: 3 out of 5, for what it is, and on sale, YR has 50% sales all the time. Otherwise it’s €18 which is a bit much for this product I think.



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