I’ve gone from having one iffy foundation to having seven (7!). At this point it starts feeling uncomfortable!


I had only one foundation, and it had started to smell a bit weird, since I could not wear makeup for more than 5 years due to skin issues. I had a pot of Mehron LT1 left from years ago, and when I went to check, unsurprisingly it smelled a bit rancid. And that’s why I try to limit all my liquid and cream products to a minimum, since they have a relatively short shelf life. When my skin started clearing (more info on the link above), I got a tinted moisturiser, and when it got even better, I decided to get some more serious foundations.

Group and comparison photos

Some of these are not pristine since I had been using them for a while when I took the photos! For reference I think I must be on the neutral side of NC10.

I bought 5 out of these 7 on the internet basing myself on swatches on a computer screen. You will often hear to never do that!!! how can you buy a foundation without trying it first? Well… for some of us, this is the only option due to skin tone and local availability. If I’d show you swatches of what I can find locally, you’d see a lot worse match than what I actually have below so… yeah. Not too bad I’d say.


I’ll be posting reviews for these in the following days in the order I got them. Will update the links below as they go up:

Yves Rocher peau parfaite 6 in 1 BB crème, shade Light

Mehron Celebré HD PRO cream foundation, shades LT1 and LT3

Skin79 super BB in Green and Orange

Etude House Stay up foundation in shade Ivory

Bourjois radiance reveal healthy mix foundation in shade 51 light vanilla

The quick take away is: my favourites of the bunch are Mehron HD Pro LT3; both Green and Orange Skin79 at different times of the year, or mixed; and Bourjois Healthy Mix 51.


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