Red carpet

A quick post. Yesterday’s nail polish on my nails at their shortest. I actually used 4 of the Catrice nail products I posted about yesterday:

9 in 1 nail elixir (ridge filling)
Quick dry & high shine top coat
Express cuticle remover
Ultimate nail lacquer in 17 Caught on the red carpet

The 9 in 1 ridge filling base coat slows down the drying of the nail polish that goes on top, but I suppose this is normal for more viscous products that can fill ridges (the only other such product I ever used was from OPI and it NEVER dried D: )

The top coat is fantastic, as I already knew.

I’ve only used the cuticle thing once, and, if it ever can defeat the mess you see here, it’ll not be after using it only once…

And 17 is very, very good as all Catrice nail polishes I have tried (Essence is more hit or miss). These have spoiled me so much, they’re dirty cheap and as good or better than any high end polish I’ve ever tried. Once opened, they last a decent amount of time too. And on the nails, they last about a week, with base and top coat. After that, my nails grow enough that I need to remove it anyway. Drugstore will never be the same again.

17 is also a good dupe for my favourite red, if super overpriced, YSL #3

One to two layers of base coat (some of my nails are super ridged), 2 coats of 17 red, 1 top coat.

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  1. nayardt says:

    Really lovely color!


    1. swatchyswatcher says:

      I think it is a true classic! Or iconic as they say…

      Liked by 1 person

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