Not really very edgy – Remaking an eyeshadow palette

Pretty edgy?

Yesterday I got a Pretty Edgy palette by MUA in the mail. Also an F10 brush. I have the F9 and I like it a lot. I have used this one once, briefly, and so far I am not impressed though.

So, the palette. I may have bought it just because of the tacky packaging.

My swatches are quite crappy, I know. But the eyeshadows are also a bit crappy, so there’s that. You can go and use primer and try to pack it on, etc, but really, I’d say only the bottom row of mattes are worth it. If you want to see pretty samples, Cinseven13 did a great job. Maybe too good a job, I bought the palette because the swatches looked frankly great.

But then I tried them on myself… meh. Especially the first three shimmer colours, Antique, Bow and Toile, in my opinion suck. Shitty payoff and shitty shimmer. The kind of shimmer that only works in smooth, young eyelids. Antique could have kind of worked for me colour-wise, but frankly I do not even like Bow and Toile. The next three get a pass. They have the same texture, but being darker they’re more doable, I think. I am very picky with light shades which most often go on the brow bone or the more visible part of the eyelid, because… well they’re more visible.
I quite like Ruffle, a taupy grey. They ALL have the same silvery whitish shimmer though. All in all the shimmers in this palette are not winners I think.

The mattes however make this one worth it for the price. Well, Sinful is not really my thing, but it is a nice shade I suppose. It might grow on me. Gothic is awesome, Wrath is only marginally less awesome, and Envy is a nice soft black. I wore Gothic as my eyebrow shade today and it’s good. I normally use MAC Rummy which is a neutral brown. This is even more grey and darker but it works very well (the roots of my hair are nearly black, the rest at this moment is… irrelevantly petrol).

Break it up!

So, well I was not happy with this palette as is… and today when I got home from work, I just up and broke Antique, Bow and Toile off the palette. No real estate for you guys. I filled the pans with some nice Essence single eyeshadows, what I think this palette needs, a bone toned matte, a low shimmer champagne, and a nice matte grey. Well I just had these around obviously. And I tried them with Gothic this morning and they were great. I think single eyeshadows are very annoying to have around and I always forget about them, so this will be useful.

I put the broken up colours all together in a large round pan I had around. I have a plate that fits in it to compress the powder, which works great, so this one ended up looking better than the others 😀

The singles I chose to refill were 22 Blockbuster matt effect, 58 Cappuccino, please! shimmer effect and 04 You’re the greytest from The Velvets collection of eyeshadows. 22 is close to my brow bone go-to which is Artdeco 68 matt ivory long wear eyeshadow, not as awesome as 68, but close enough. 58 is close to dearly departed Lancôme Moonlight (I still have a pan which I treasure), the shimmer is not as fine and not as subtle, but it is also close enough.
04 is just awesome. These velvet shades are really top notch! I need to get some more. It was sad to break the stunning pattern on it, but hey.


I have photos of the process for the first eyeshadow, for the rest you get the gist. I broke it up in a folded paper with the back of my tweezers, I folded it over and smushed it well with the back of my fingernail to crumble it into dust, poured some into the pan, smushed it down with the tweezers, poured alcohol, tapped the palette on the table until it was smooth, placed a doubled tissue over the pan, and pushed with a square lipstick which is the best thing I had at hand. I could have cut a piece of metal to size to get it perfect, but was too lazy for this.

The palette states 20g, so 2g per pan. The Essence pans are 2,5g (3g for the velvet), so I didn’t think the entire thing would fit. But about 4/5ths was still kind of empty, so I poured everything in and poured alcohol again. In fact doing two layers like this made it smoother and easier, but I didn’t bother do this with the others because it is slower and, as I said, I’m lazy. Also impatient. The entire 3g of the grey also fit, perhaps the formula is heavier.

The last photo shows the “finished” palette, but in artificial light because it got dark, and still wet, so the colours look dark. I may update or post again once it is dry.


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