I am not into trends much, so I’ve gotten by all these years without a “bronzer” or a conturing anything. Don’t get angry at me for considering it a trend, it has been going on for quite a while, I know, but… when it comes to makeup I’m more into either classic 30’s-40’s, goth-20’s or else some sort of pale “natural” thing.

In recent years I’ve apparently also fallen off the medium to high range price wise. With so much of good quality to be found in the drugstore range, I just cannot get bothered…

IMG_6105So, today I got my first products labeled “bronzer” and “contouring”, at the Essence and Catrice (same mother brand I think) drugstore counter. I also got lipsticks at Yves Rocher. And I’m thrilled 😀

Essence shading powder 01 light is not very pigmented, which might be a good thing sometimes. Yes, I am still apprehensive! The “bronzer” is a very light toffee tone, quite sheer and with undetectable shimmer, the “highlighter” is a light creamy beige with subtle shimmer, which is barely detectable in my skin tone (a neutral NC10 or something).

The Catrice duo, long name ahead: Prime and fine Professional Contouring palette 010 Ashy Radiance, is indeed ashier, and more pigmented than the Essence. I think the target audience for Catrice is closer to my age, and closer to teens for Essence. The pice for Catrice is fractionally higher.

I do have a darker ash brown blush by MAC which you can use to contour, Tantone (I’ve had it forever and haven’t made a dent!), so I made a little comparison. It is in between these two shades, Catrice is again, indeed, ashier. I also stuck there another MAC blush, these were LE and split in two, the shade I swatched is Tiger Lily.

I do have more highlighters however. I think I just like the challenge of finding something that will actually show up. So my comparison here is a bit less poor, however, these are mostly recent and hence drugstore: Essence soo glow! cream to powder highlighter in shade 10 look on the bright side, MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in iridescent gold, Essence Circus Circus (LE) highlighting powder in 01 It’s magic and MAC Shimpagne mineralize skinfinish (<3) I have some other MAC things in little pots, Silver dusk, Pleasureflush… you’ll excuse me but I couldn’t get bothered.

Too late I realised I have picked out a stick to also sample, so I did that later. I am such an amateur swatcher. That’d be Catrice made to stay highlighter pen in 010 eye like! (is everything I have by these brands 01 or 010??), I mostly, but not often, use this one on the browbone though. So here comes:

Ok, lipsticks. All Yves Rocher: Grand Rouge 72 Rose hâlĂŠ, Rouge crème hydratant 63 Rose centifolia, Crayon lèvres ĂŠclat Rouge Flamboyant. I walked by today and they had 50% discount on makeup. As a rule I don’t buy anything in YR unless it’s 50% discount, which apparently is every other day… I wanted to get a backup for 72 since I like it a lot. It is sort of matte but super comfortable and quite long lasting (not in the drying in there sense, but it just stays unless you rub it off – it doesn’t bleed or mysteriously disappear). I wanted to get the red crayon since I read a review by Viola at Killer Colours, and the 63 was an impulse buy, it looked similar enough to 72 swatched on the hand, and it is, slightly different texture though. I like it. Terrible swatch on lips too, ugh. But you know how different it looks…



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