I like petrol, deep teal kind of colours. I don’t wear them very often but I do like them ;P

Today I rounded up my teal eyeshadows. By the time I got to take the photos it was getting dark, oops. I had to lighten the bottom half of the image to get closer to reality, and I took a picture with flash, which I normally don’t, but I guess it also helps show the texture. Some of these are years old (like most of my makeup!), and possibly nowhere to be found anymore, sorry about that.

MAC Parrot was quite the hype, does anyone remember? It is indeed quite good. I applied these shadows over primer (FY eye) on the top half of the swatch (you can see a thin line running through the middle), and it made nearly zero difference for Parrot.

However MUA 8 is just as good, even if more green and slightly more pearl. And cheap. I got this one recently.

MAC Ingenue Blue is super matte, they tend to do better with a primer, but with this one it is very noticeable. The colour is so pretty we will forgive it.

I got the Delights 6 Eye Warm Holiday 2005 just because of the teal “A bluer blue”. It is awesome, with a subtle sparkle (you see that in the flash photo) . I then also liked Blurr, creamy frost, a lot, it is better than Nylon I think, and Cranberry is OK, but truth be told the other 2 colours (a gold -Tendermetal- and buff-de-buff- a Beige rose) are very meh, and Embark I have in a pan, so well…

The Yves Rocher I got also not too long ago. It is still available right now. This tone is more muted  than those above, and a bit sheerer, but the quality is not too bad. Slight sparkle. Probably shouldn’t have bought, because I think I have enough teals.

Embrace from Fyrinnae (a pigment) doesn’t seem available anymore. Can’t stay at all without primer but it is a very pretty darker shade with turquoise sparkle.

MAC Deep blue green pigment is awesome, I don’t know why it looks so boring in my pictures. Perhaps the tone in the pot is more indicative. It looks very nice on outer corners. As you can see it also needs primer. Still available which is great.

And MAC Plumage is another great outer corner shade. Very matte. Works with many, many shades, very versatile and classy.


As another experiment, I tested a Bourjois teal liner (Liner Clubbing 83 Electro Blue) on top of primers and other liners. Because pretty, but it STAINS THE SKIN LIKE HELL! I used it earlier and my eyelids are still blue 😦 I hope it doesn’t exist anymore, but maybe this could be helpful with other products that stain the skin.

Now this experiment failed, at least the swatching failed, because after using lotion and a micellar water, I got too engrossed scrubbing the hell out of my hand with very warm water  and soap, and I actually got almost everything out. Unfortunately you cannot horribly mistreat your eyelids like this.

I should have taken a picture after the lotion/micellar and before the scrubbing, but I forgot. But I have this proof of staining:

This got here when removing the liner from my eyelids! it wasn’t completely gone even after a shower

So you will have to take my word for it: the only bases that blocked staining were F.Y… eye! from Benefit and the Catrice gel eyeliner in 010 Black (Black Jack with Jack Black… seriously guys?). I expected the waterproof liner (Essence – this thing is SUPER difficult to wash off) to do a better job but it was very useless, all the liquid liners were very useless: MUA Matte black (which I don’t find all that matte but the applicator is nice) and a weird Catrice liner from some limited edition (Liquid shimmer -what shimmer?- C01 Take it Mint). If you wonder about the random choice of liners, it is because this is all I have, folks. I limit the perishable products in my collection to a minimum. I don’t even know why I have a teal and a mint liner which I never use.

Most primers were useless too. I tried the Benefit, Essence I ❤ stage, MUA Pro-Base eye and MAC paint in Stilife*.
Applying the staining liner thickly made it worse.
That is all 😛

*mine is ages old (I mean more than a decade…) and a little bit dried out but still usable, I should get a backup before it is discontinued. I love this thing. I got a paint pot when they came out and it dried out in like a year, MEH. 


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