Kryolan reds

Over the years I have accumulated… 4 Kryolan red lipsticks 🙂 ok, that’s not a lot, but my makeup collection is small. Every few years I end up wandering in the stage makeup store and buying one. They’re pretty terrible in fact, they are creamy… I mean greasy, and bleed like crazy. But I have never seen such beautiful, truly classic reds.

My first must have been in 1995 or so. I still have a tiny bit left. It still smells ok and it is still my favourite. They do not make this colour anymore, I think, sometimes it is difficult to tell with Kryolan. The others just sort of happened trying to match this one. They’re still beautiful. I’m aware that they look very similar in the pictures, but there are slight differences. I’m still trying to find a match for the first one, but I won’t keep on trying with Kryolan anymore. I suspect the horrid texture is partly what makes the colours so nice.

So here’s Kryolan L-351 (the oldest), LC 008, LF 104-25, and F 104

I think that L-351 and F 104 are the oldest because the numbering system seems to use LC (lipstick classic) and LF (lipstick fashion) currently.





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